Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies – Episode 12 [END]

Sora returns to Biei to fulfill her father’s last wish – which is also her own.

Sora arrives home and, having completed her training as a mage, goes to the tree where her father is buried and grants him his last wish: his wish to see Sora in a wedding dress, which Sora does my creating an image of her and Midorikawa in a traditional Japanese wedding for him to see (apparently mages can project images to the dead – or at least try to).

Then after five years Sora has passed. Hara is taking up another trainee, Hiori has an understudy who is going to mage training herself, and Kuroda and Asagi have finally gotten together, with Asagi apparently getting a job in, of all places, Biei, Sora’s hometown. This, of course, brings up some fond, though sad, memories of Sora for them.

Finally, Midorikawa, having traveled the world’s oceans while surfing, has arrived in Biei himself to show Sora – who the tree in the field now represents – all the world’s oceans using his magic, just as Sora showed her father his wish.

Well, this was somewhat of a downer episode, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, having all of Sora’s friends show up and find a way to save her through magic would have been the predictable ending, but it would have been the happy ending. Instead, they chose the “life sometimes sucks ass” ending, which is, of course, a rather bitter way of ending the series, which is made especially hard because of who Sora is.

I guess my main beef about the series is that we didn’t really learn about Sora’s condition until the last third or so of the series, so the conclusion of the series didn’t necessarily draw from it’s “problem” which was Sora training to become a mage – though it’s obvious that she wanted to so she could fulfil her father’s wish.

Now, one note…the first girl we see after the “5 years later” is I think Hiori, though she looks a lot like Sora’s friend from Biei Michiru as well. The main reason I think it’s Hiori is because we know she knows magic, and it makes more sense in the theme of seeing Sora’s old mage friends.

Overall, this show was a lot more down to earth than the original Someday’s Dreamers. Really, the only thing similar between the two series is that it takes place in the same universe. Otherwise everything – the characers, the animation, the story, the feel – is completely different. Sometimes it’s different in a good way. Sometimes it’s different in a bad way. If one wants a “lazy drama” (that’s about the best way I can describe this show), you’ll probably like this.