Candy Boy – Episode 3

Due to Kana’s money snafu, Sakuya grabs a chance to go home with Kana and Yuki for Christmas, where she meets Kana and Yuki’s little sister.

Having blown their money to get back home, Sakuya gets permission from her father to send Kana and Yuki home for Christmas…bringing herself along for the ride, of course. Once they get off at the Podunk little town train station, the twin’s little sister Shizuku shows up, and it’s immediately clear that she has issues of some kind with Yuki and Kana’s closeness.

As the night progresses, Shizuku’s uncomfortableness continues until, when after Shizuku says she doesn’t go to school because it’s cold out and Yuki and Kana are about to scold her, she says the real reason is that she’s mad over the fact that Yuki and Kana have always been close and have been able to stay together when they went away for school.

Enter the, er, forth wheel? Except 3 of them are sisters (well, you know, spices it up a little). Kana says that Shizuku has always been closer to Yuki, though I’m not sure it’s entirely clear, since she goes off on both of them at the end. And we don’t know as of yet the full depth of this jealousy either. For example, is she jealous because she wants to be closer, or because she wants to be closer to one or both of them.

Unfortunately, this series is gotten to the habit of releasing new episodes once in a blue moon, so it may be a while until we see this new wrinkle continue. At least the animation is as good as ever. But I do have to kind of laugh about how even Yuki is starting to realize just how crazy Sakuya is.

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