Blogging and Watching slate

I didn’t get around to doing a Fall preview post like usual just because I didn’t have the time, but I did want to go through the series I was going to blog and watching.


  • CLANNAD: After Story
  • ef – a tale of melodies

I had forgotten about ef when I said I was only blog one series due to time.  Unfortunately, the one season when I wanted to only pick up 1 series is the season which has two must-blog series in the second seasons of CLANNAD and ef.  Damn them!

I don’t really think these series need much explanation.  If you need it, go look at the episode reviews for the first seasons.


  • Yozakura Shijuusou ~Yozakura Quartet~
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index
  • Toradora

So we have

To say that the top series I’m merely watching is the top series in that group because it looked “somewhat interesting” doesn’t say much about the series airing in this season.  Unfortunately, while there weren’t a lot of series I was drooling to watch, there were probably a half dozen series in the “somewhat interesting” category, so I still had to decide which ones to put on the list.

First, ones I didn’t put on it:  First up was Hyakko.  I almost put this on the list, really.  But it looks too much like Lucky Star/Azumanga Daioh/Hidimari Sketch and I’m both kind of worn out on random comedies with no plot, and I think my expectations for such series is so high that, if I had the choice, I’d rather pass on a series which has a good chance of disappointing me.

The next one I almost added but left off was Kannagi.  It looks interesting enough: tree girl turns into spirit.  But then again, the set up for this eries suggets a type of series which I’m also somewhat burned out on.  If this was the Spring 2009 season, maybe.  But I don’t feel like this one now.

Finally, it’s Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka.  Anime based on eroge is hit or miss.  I usually find that they’re either a) dramatic and good or b) lame.  Unforunately, after looking at the art and OP and ED, it appears like this one chose door #2.  Whenever people try to do a comedic eroge or a half-heartedly serious one, it doesn’t seem to work out all that well.

Next, the series I am watching, but not blogging.  The first is Yozakura Shijuusou ~Yozakura Quartet~.  I’m a little iffy about this series, but the supernatural/comedy premise plus the character art sold me on this one.

The second series I’m watching is To Aru Majutsu no Index, just because it reminds me of Shana.  That probably means I’ll go into the series with a set of expectations which totally aren’t met, but whatever.

Next: Toradora.  Yes, I know, everyone else is watching it too, but it does look interesting.

To be fair, most of the big hyped-up series are sequels, including the two I’m blogging, and most of which I haven’t even seen the first season.  It’s the original series which give me the yawns.

All of this is on top of the fact that I still has Two episodes of Maid Guy still not subbed, 2 episodes of Someday’s Dreamers, and 3 episodes of Nijuu Mensou left to go, not to mention Candy Boy and KimiNozo: Next Season which seem to get released whenever they’re ready.

I’m also catching up on some series I was only watching from past seasons, though at least those are easier to do (I can just sit down for a couple of nights and blow through those).


I’m now just catching up on The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka.  Any series which pimps Shana so much is an instant win.