Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Omnibus: Episodes 15 – 19

This is an omnibus of 5 of the post-midway episodes of Nijuu Mensou no Musume, catching me up to where Live-Evil has released fansubs of this series. The series has finished airing, but only has 3 episodes left to be subbed.

In these episodes, Chiko has to deal with getting back to life as normal, though not for very long as her biggest challenge may have just shown up.

Episode 15

This was a rather interesting episode, in that it was pretty light-hearted with Shunka’s formal creation of the “Detective Girls” and the three girls’ stereotypical roles of “the strength” (Chiko), “the brain” (Shunka), and “the body” (Tome) and all that. Though the episode did come with a major turning point with Chiko’s mother trying to two things at once: use thugs to try to kill Chiko and framing it on Akine as well as Akine fetching a bottle from Chiko’s new house and probably having Chiko’s poisoning be framed against either Tome or Akine as well.

Of course, Chiko made sure that the plans were ruined, finally turning Akine against Chiko’s mother as well. I guess if you keep trying to stab people in the back, eventually they’re going to turn on you. Chiko’s mother appeared to say that she’d wash her hands of Chiko after Akine said that he told the whole story to a reporter, but given that she can’t get all the inheritance until Chiko bites the dust, I doubt she’ll give up that easily.

Episode 16

It looks like we’re into another story arc now as more meanies show up, and someone from Twenty Faces’ past arrives and starts to seed doubt into Chiko’s mind. Kouhe Kakishima, who claims to be Twenty Faces’ professor and research partner from the past arrives and tells Chiko that Twenty Faces is only using her to accomplish some diabolical goal from before the war ended involving the 4th state of water. Part of this includes apparently the power to create unlimited energy, though with the side effect that the energy could be used to control things almost like magic (which now seems to explain the zombie-doll from before).

At the same time, Chiko realizes that an old song that she learned from Twenty Faces, Bonne Justice by Paul Eluard may be the key to discovering the “Legacy of Twenty Faces” that several people have felt he has left with her. She starts to research more about the song, but is soon confronted by yet another zombie-doll telling her that “she’s served her purpose.”

Now, it’s my suspicion that the old professor is just trying to discover Twenty Faces’ secret, as he asked Chiko what she knows, and that he may be the one controlling the latest zombie-doll and is trying to get closer to Chiko by trying to drive a wedge between Chiko and Twenty Faces. I don’t think it’s really working, though Chiko’s curiosity about Twenty Faces’ past still drives her to go off with the professor at the end, so we’ll see where that ends up.

Episode 17

Chiko goes with the professor and Ken, who is naturally keeping an eye on her, decides to follow. However, he’s soon stopped by a second zombie-doll when (I believe) Kayama Nozomi from way back in Episode 8 shows up again to help Ken out – and also seems to know what’s going on. Meanwhile, we have this whole thing of the professor kidnapping Shunka and using her to lure out the last secrets of how to fully convert water into it’s 4th state from Chiko. However, what do you know but Twenty Faces himself shows up once again just in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Akechi is also hot on the case, and I have a strong feeling that he’s going to show up in the next episode. Will Akechi and Twenty Faces finally meet?

Episode 18

Well, I can see why Twenty Faces thought that the 4th state of water was too dangerous for men to control. As the professor’s two…whatevers (I thought they were zombie-dolls, but apparently they are people with “hardened skin” and their personalities repressed) occupy Chiko and Twenty Faces, the professor proceeds with his experiment to create the 4th state of water and proceeds to start wiping out whole blocks of Tokyo while he’s at it due to it’s destructive nature. Shunko, who is still tied up at this point, finally frees herself, causing enough of a distraction for Twenty Faces to set off some bombs to stop the experiment. However, did Twenty Faces finally do himself in? Hmm, I’m thinking no, though we have an interesting problem now: We have the professor, who is still free, Ken and Kayama, and Akechi all hanging around while Twenty Faces is lying there either dead or unconscious. That has to be asking for trouble in the next episode.

Episode 19

Well, we definitely seem to be getting into the thick of things now. The professor and his two minions escape to fix the broken tower that busted from Twenty Faces’ (who is injured but fine) bomb. Ken and Kayama try to stop him, but run into his minions again, but Kayama thinks she’s figured out their weakness as they make their escape. Meanwhile, the professor shows up and starts proclaiming that he, Twenty Faces, is going to “steal Tokyo,” causing the mob to go after Chiko, since she’s known as “The Daughter of Twenty Faces,” getting in her way as she tries to stop the professor as well.

At least Ken got the blimp to rescue Chiko and they think they know how to defeat the super-people so it’s at least looking…not hopeless anyway. Of course, perhaps the real question now: will Twenty Faces really sacrifice himself to save the day? Since we’re at the end, we really can’t assume anything, but I’m inclined to say no, even if it looks like he did (and I’m thinking it will).

Well, this is certainly an interesting set of episodes, and I can’t wait for the ending.  I think Twenty Faces’ Disappearing-Reappearing act may be getting a little worn out, now that he’s pulled it twice already, though that’s kind of his thing.

This definitely looks like the final story arc, as we only have 3 episodes to go now. That seems like a long time to get to our conclusion (unless the final episode is some sort of “yay! everyone’s happy!” episode), but we’ll see I guess.