Special A – Omnibus: Episodes 17 – 24

Welcome to the Omnibus release of the final 3rd of the series Special A. This post includes brief reviews of episodes 17-24 of the series, where all the characters have their stories wrapped up and all that jazz.

Episode 17

We got some nice Akira lovey-lovey action in this episode as she starts getting all depressed over how Tadashi doesn’t understand her feelings (nor anyone else for that matter, other than Yahiro, who goes a long way towards not being an ass in this episode). I liked the Ouran Host Club gone wrong scene, though, for some reason in this episode. In any case, we appear to be heading into an area where Yahiro has repaired his relationship with the S.A. (for the time being anyway) and may become Tadashi’s rival for Akira as she struggles with how she feels.

Episode 18

Akira’s romance story arc ended faster than I thought. I thought I’d go on for a least another episode with some Yahiro thrown in, but it was Tadashi all the way (well, I guess I’m not surprised, but you never know). So, Tadashi both wins and loses in this episode, getting beaten to a pulp by both Akira and Sakura, but he still gets the girl (yay!). We had a sort-of tie-up with Jun and Sakura as well, though we may see more of that. We’ve also seen more of Megumi, and we really haven’t had a Megumi-centric episode yet, so I’d like to see one. And of course, we still have Kei and Hikari to wrap up as well in the final 6 episodes.

Episode 19

OK, I swear I didn’t see the preview or this episode before saying that I wanted to see more of Megumi since, lo and behold, we get a Megumi episode. From fears by Ryuu that Yahiro may try to still go after Akira (I guess Yahiro and the S.A.’s relationship isn’t as patched up as I thought), Megumi decides to take matters into her own hands by telling Yahiro that she loves him and wants to date him. However, they don’t end up being much of a match, and Yahiro ends up telling Megumi that she doesn’t have to worry about he and Akira anyway. Along the way we finally get to hear Megumi talk and why (she protects her voice for singing) and we finally get to hear her sing, and sing well (yay!)

In the meantime, the rest of the S.A. ends up getting lured into watching Hikari’s house for the day as her parents go out fishing while Hikari remains with a fever. Unfortunately for the S.A., Hikari regresses when she’s sick, and ends up driving everyone batty.

In the end, I thought this was one of the best episodes of the series, just because it was funny all around, and we got to explore one of the more interesting characters in Megumi. I’m not sure what’s next. We haven’t resolved anything with Ryuu, so maybe he’s next?

Episode 20

So, episode 20 ended up being Jun’s wrap-up episode as pretty much the whole episode was Sakura chasing Jun around all over the place since he won’t hang out or even look at her. Of course, the reason ends up being because he loves her, so every time he looks at her, he turns into “Inner Jun” and back. However, in the end all ends up being well. So now that’s 4 S.A. people we’ve wrapped up stories for with only Ryuu, Hikari, and Kei left (at least, I don’t think we’ve had Ryuu’s unless the BBQ episode counted as his). It looks like we’re heading into a Kei story arc next. Perhaps the concluding one?

Episode 21

Well, we’re starting to get into the thick of things, Apparently Kei’s grandfather, and his agent, Aoi Ogata, have decided that Kei’s school is too “low” for him and intend to have him transfer to a school in London. Hikari tries to argue against it, but Aoi just shows her how much above her Kei is. However, just as Aoi is telling Hikari how much trouble she’ll have if she sticks with Kei, Kei comes to her rescue. Also tired for Hikari to figure it out herself, he remarks how “it’s almost like she loves him…romantically.” Of course Hikari denies it and runs off. However, despite Kei’s assurances that he won’t transfer, I doubt it will be that easy to get out of it.

Episode 22

Kei is certainly determined to get Hikari to admit that she loves him, and he basically does after he convinces her to go out on a date with him. Of course, it can’t go all according to plan as, deciding that she’d “lose” to Kei if she admits it, Hikari stops just short. In the meantime, Aoi is going to extra lengths to get Kei to come with him back to London, going so far as causing Tadashi’s mother, the Headmistress of the school, to do something to the Special A. I’m guessing Hikari will have to eventually do something she’s never been able to do to save Kei in the end: beat him.

Episode 23

So the members of the S.A. arrive to find that the S.A. has been disbanded. Almost immediately, Jun and Megumi are pulled from the school, since the only reason they were there was the S.A., and Kei’s family forces Akira’s family to pull her out as well. Hikari tries to find some way to fix the situation, but Kei realizes there is only one fix: for him to go to London. Kei tells Hikari to go to school with her S.A. uniform on the next day, and when she gets there, she and the other members of the S.A. arrive to find Kei gone. Hikari rushes to the airport to stop Kei, but it’s already too late.

Well, I’m not sure exactly how this will end. I guess Kei could go to his grandfather and be like “dude, this isn’t cool, man.” or something. In any case, I thought the bit with Hikari running after the airplane was a bit over the top. In any case, I’m at least interested how they’re going to turn this into a happy ending. This is a very Ouran-like ending, though.

Episode 24

So that’s the end. They all go to London, and pulling every trick out of the book and using all of their skills, they finally…persuade Aoi that it’s pointless to resist? Well, yeah, that’s basically it. Hikari finally wins a “fight” with Kei, with the prize being that he comes back too, but like Kei would have been able to without Aoi finally relenting to Hikari’s determination. And then Hikari confesses to Kei and they’re all lovey dovey and the end.


This series had it’s up but also a lot of deep downs, lingering in the depths of hell for most of the first half before coming back and having a semi-respectable second half of the series. I guess my initial thought that this would be Ouran High School Host Club and His and Her Circumstances mixed together were sort-of, kind-of right, though I think it was more Ouran than H&HC, and it had a tendency to pull out the bad parts of those shows instead of the good parts.

Also, while the core basis of the story is reasonably sound, I’m just not sure how excited I can get about the trials and tribulations of a bunch of rich bastards, whose primary day-to-day worries seem to be deciding what business they’re going to buy today. My initial gut reaction would rate this series somewhere around a C-, doing good enough to be around average…but more on the lower side of average.


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  1. i love this anime. hikari’s character is so great. the way she competes with kei looks her very beautiful.

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