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Given a mass conglomeration of things all happening at once (I’m an election buff, and if you didn’t notice, there is a slightly important election going on in the US at the moment, plus school plus work plus staring down tons of stuff to make up on the site), I’ve gotten a tad behind.

As a result, I think instead of trying to catch up on episode reviews one at a time, I’m just going to do a series omnibus review for all the episodes I’ve missed so far, and then hopefully continue on as is from that point.

The omnibus posts will basically be that – a post with a approximately 1 paragraph review of each episode in that series up to the point that fansubbers have released episodes.  Right now Special A is finished, and that’s the first omnibus I’m releasing.  Twenty Faces has only one episode left, and I may wait until that episode is out until I release that one.  Otherwise, Someday’s Dreamers looks a little behind, so I may do a packaged released up to the point that it’s been released, and pick up from where it left off.  I only have two episodes of Maid Guy left to do (still) and one is still outstanding, so I may just wait and do both together as well.

My being busy will probably result or has resulted in a couple other things:

First, expect no more than one blogged series in the fall season.  Heck, I haven’t even looked to see what’s even airing in the fall yet.  Also, there is a good probability that I’ll only blog one series in the winter as well and, depending on how crazy the last month of my class looks like it will be, I may only do one show for the spring as well.

Second, I said this in a comment already, but I’ll post it here now too: the podcast is on hiatus until further notice – almost certainly until at least the end of the year, maybe until the end of my class until May.

Third – for full episode reviews – I still have Netflix DVDs sitting around since before Otakon.  I’ve probably watched, outside of the row of episodes that i’ve watched for the first omnibus, maybe no more than 3 to 4 hours of anime since the start of August.  I just haven’t had any time to.  I’ll try to watch a bit more, but I can’t review many series if I’m not watching them to begin with.

Just for the fun of it, I’ll probably post a “what I’ve missed’ post tonight or tomorrow just so see what all I’ve missed since I haven’t really hit sites like ANN since mid-August either, so the anime world may have blown up and died already and I don’t know about it.


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