Special A – Episode 16

It’s Special A episode 16, and Sakura springs a trap to have Jun all to herself. However, Jun has a deep dark secret of his own.

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  • We pick up right where we left off, with Sakura having suddenly fallen in love at first sight with Jun, and she asks him out, but he rejects her. However, Sakura makes clear that she wont give up yet.
  • Akira gets a text message from Kei’s father, asking if the Special A would come for a barbecue, in thanks for always helping Kei out. Kei tries to get them to not come (since nothing ever good comes from his father’s plans), but fails.
  • Once arriving at the barbecue destination, they find out that it was arranged by Sakura, who used Kei’s father to convince the S.A. to come. Of course, the real purpose was for Sakura to lure Jun. And the boat doesn’t return to the island that they’re on until the next evening either.
  • Ryuu gives Jun a whistle to blow whenever Sakura is after him, an he ends up having to use it early and often, resulting in Ryuu and Megumi playing interference with Sakura.
  • Sakura’s father (who is also there) decides that things are being done too inefficiently, and decides to “randomly” pair up boys and girls to do jobs. Naturally, Sakura ends up getting paired with Jun (and Hikari with Kei)
  • Sakura starts dragging Jun into a secluded area of the woods, but when Jun tries to blow the whistle, Sakura grabs and tosses it. Akira remarks to Ryuu that he’s being rather overprotective, but Ryuu won’t say why other than it’s because of a promise.
  • In the woods, Jun finally tells her off, but that doesn’t stop Sakura. However, she ends up tripping and Jun catches her. Sakura then puckers her lips, which causes Jun to have an unpleasant flashback and he pushes her away and walks off.
  • We then see a flashback, where a younger Jun starts hanging out with a girl from school, but something bad happens, which causes the girl to end up hating him.
  • The pair finally returns to the camp, where Sakura’s father decides to bring out all the stops, trying to use the family bodyguards to force Jun to kiss Sakura, but the S.A. fight them off. However, eventually Jun decides to give Sakura a break and lets her kiss his cheek, but Jun ends up fainting afterwards.
  • Once he wakes up the “inner Jun,” who seems to be sort of like Kei and/or Yahiro, shows up, and ends up being a Mega-Playboy.
  • Ryuu explains that, to be able to better deal with girls, Jun watched a hypnotic show on TV when he was younger which ended up permanently hypnotizing him, and romantic things like kisses bring out the hypnotized side of Jun. On his first date in 6th grade, his Mega-Playboyness attracted all the girls that were around and made his date mad.
  • In order to turn Jun back, he has to loose consciousness, which Megumi’s singing is able to do. However, despite Jun’s fears, Sakura is fine with both sides of Jun.

Well, this episode was going on somewhat well (it wasn’t great but wasn’t bad) until we got into the part with the bodyguards trying to grab Jun and all that and the rest of the episode just turned into a big over-the-top mess much like what the early bad part of the series was like.

Hopefully this doesn’t signal that the series is about to sink back into the depths of hell, but I wouldn’t be shocked. So, when are we going to get Megumi’s secret (I assume she has one)?

One thought on “Special A – Episode 16

  1. the episode 16 sort of inhifarables for kei’s side coz of he doesn’t wanted to marry such of fool like sakura and hope that hikari realizes that he also loved kei certainly,, coz kei is very sinfully in love with hikari hanazono the miss rank no.2 and they sould admit to each other that they are falling in love to each other since they have known ever there childhood moment!!!! i was affected on hikari coz she is un senti u know!!!

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