Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies – Episode 04

It’s Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies episode 4, and we get a peek at Midorikawa’s past. Plus, Midorikawa warms up to a couple of other things as well.

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  • We start off by seeing a bit of Midorikawa’s past – he lived by the sea alone with his mother, who was known for being beautiful and making good lunches. Midorikawa also got good grades in school. We later see that Midorikawa’s father hid the fact that he was a mage from his family, though he never used magic because he wasn’t good at it. Nevertheless, Midorikawa’s mother leaves him over it. Midorikawa also starts getting grief at school about it, with people suggesting that he uses magic to get good grades, and the like.
  • Saori and Midorikawa go to Midorikawa’s next job, but the guy requesting the magic is being difficult. He had originally requested that a lost insurance certificate be found, but then asks them to clean up his apartment for him as well. This, and the man’s overall attitude gets Midorikawa angry and he just leaves. Saori asks Midorikawa if he is always going to run away from situations he doesn’t like, but he just says that he doesn’t want to be a mage if a mage’s world is like that.
  • After they return, they clean up the room for him, and the guy apologizes for looking like he wanted to make trouble.
  • That evening, Sora is sitting outside the house, thinking of her father when Midorikawa leaves to eat dinner, and Sora decides to go with him (even though Midorikawa doesn’t want her to).
  • On Midorikawa’s next job, Saori still has to do the magic, but Midorikawa is able to interpret what request well and tell Saori exactly how it should be done.

I guess the main things that happened in this episode is that Midorikawa is learning how to think like a mage, even if he can’t use magic yet, and he and Sora seem to be getting together much better. And we, of course, see some of Midorikawa’s past which shows why he isn’t necessarily thrilled with the mage world.

That’s about it, really. Still expecting progress along the lines of Sora and Midorikawa as well as Midorikawa becoming more comfortable with magic. It seems like Sora’s classmates are warming up to her as well. At least this series has gotten to the point where I’m somewhat interested to see what will go on from this point.

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