Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 14

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume episode 14, and Ken and Chiko have to try to keep the blimp from crash landing into the city. Meanwhile, Tome confronts Chiko’s mother.

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  • This episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Twenty Faces falling off the blimp. Chiko gets hysterical, thinking that he’s died for real this time, but Ken calms her down, telling her that this is the 5th time he’s “died” and that he just enjoys shocking people. However, it’s suggested that Ken made up this story to calm Chiko down. Ken and Chiko make their way to the bridge as bombs explode all over the blimp.
  • Back at the mansion, Chiko’s mother lambasts Akine for losing Chiko again and cries crocodile tears as a much wiser Tome watches silently. Chiko’s mother leaves the room and a detective asks Tome for her version of events, however, she doesn’t tell the detective about the poison.
  • After the detectives leave, Tome confronts Chiko’s mother about the poison. However, she puts Tome on notice that she’ll accuse Tome of swapping out Chiko’s “medicine” with poison if Tome goes public with it and fires her.
  • However, Tome demonstrates that she can do to Chiko’s mother what Chiko’s mother was doing to Chiko, by showing that she was able to slip the “poison” into her tea without her noticing, and can continue to do so at her will.
  • Sensing that she’s in a tough spot, Chiko’s mother asks what Tome wants, to which Tome says she wants a separate house for Chiko, with Tome assigned to her.
  • Back on the blimp, Chiko finally finds some parachutes, but finds bombs right next to them, which explode almost right away, blowing the parachutes away. Worse, the explosion destroys the left rudder.
  • Meanwhile, the guests on the blimp turn out not to be dead, but just knocked out from the wine. Somehow Ken keeps the blimp up long enough to crash it into the sea instead of the city.
  • While the passengers are easily rescued, the bridge is trapped under the blimp, and Ken and Chiko try to escape, but Chiko gets caught on the wreckage. However, Akechi, who fears that they may be trapped, goes to rescue them. However, before she knows it, Ken has run off on his own again. Chiko then decides to “walk down the road Twenty Faces was walking down without him.”
  • Akechi tells Chiko that a man was murdered and a secret research building in the town of Toran years ago, and he thinks Twenty Faces is connected. They also found a single burnt document with a single piece of information on it: the fourth state of water.
  • Meanwhile, Chiko’s mother finally gives Tome and Chiko their mansion, and Tome goes to pick Chiko up from the hospital…

Well, they like adding twists to this show. This time it’s a curious reference to Twenty Faces’ possible work on the 4th state of water. Of course, the big question is: how does that work into what’s happened so far and how is it attached to whatever Twenty Faces is trying to accomplish. Is he trying to destroy all the possible clues to his research, fearful that someone might discover what power his discovery would provide?

Ken’s remark about saying “it’s better this way” after telling his story about Twenty Faces often faking his death is ambiguous. Is he saying that it’s better than Chiko doesn’t know that he may really be dead, or she’s better off knowing what he’s doing?

We also appear to be escalating the battle between Chiko and Tome and Chiko’s mother. Oh, and where is Shunko? She can’t be too far behind in finally joining up with Chiko and Tome for good, can she?