Stuff I've Missed

Here is a list of stuff that I appear to have missed while running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off:

  • Live-Action Blood movie to be released in US in March
  • Birdy gets Season 2 in January.
  • Kyoto announces, then cancels, Tonari no 801-chan anime
  • New Fullmetal Alchemist anime series confirmed.
  • Minami-ke gets first 3rd season.
  • Disney to release Ponyo in 2009
  • Funimation licenses Kaze No Stigma
  • Ike decides to just pile on ADV

OK, so thankfully not too much was going on.  Unless I missed it, not many new show announcements, and no word on Haruhi 2 or anything either (nor many new licenses).

As for the single series that I’ll blog in the fall, I’d say that CLANNAD: Afterstory is pretty much a shoe-in for that.

Special A – Omnibus: Episodes 17 – 24

Welcome to the Omnibus release of the final 3rd of the series Special A. This post includes brief reviews of episodes 17-24 of the series, where all the characters have their stories wrapped up and all that jazz.

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Omnibus Episode Reviews

Given a mass conglomeration of things all happening at once (I’m an election buff, and if you didn’t notice, there is a slightly important election going on in the US at the moment, plus school plus work plus staring down tons of stuff to make up on the site), I’ve gotten a tad behind.

As a result, I think instead of trying to catch up on episode reviews one at a time, I’m just going to do a series omnibus review for all the episodes I’ve missed so far, and then hopefully continue on as is from that point.

The omnibus posts will basically be that – a post with a approximately 1 paragraph review of each episode in that series up to the point that fansubbers have released episodes.  Right now Special A is finished, and that’s the first omnibus I’m releasing.  Twenty Faces has only one episode left, and I may wait until that episode is out until I release that one.  Otherwise, Someday’s Dreamers looks a little behind, so I may do a packaged released up to the point that it’s been released, and pick up from where it left off.  I only have two episodes of Maid Guy left to do (still) and one is still outstanding, so I may just wait and do both together as well.

My being busy will probably result or has resulted in a couple other things:

First, expect no more than one blogged series in the fall season.  Heck, I haven’t even looked to see what’s even airing in the fall yet.  Also, there is a good probability that I’ll only blog one series in the winter as well and, depending on how crazy the last month of my class looks like it will be, I may only do one show for the spring as well.

Second, I said this in a comment already, but I’ll post it here now too: the podcast is on hiatus until further notice – almost certainly until at least the end of the year, maybe until the end of my class until May.

Third – for full episode reviews – I still have Netflix DVDs sitting around since before Otakon.  I’ve probably watched, outside of the row of episodes that i’ve watched for the first omnibus, maybe no more than 3 to 4 hours of anime since the start of August.  I just haven’t had any time to.  I’ll try to watch a bit more, but I can’t review many series if I’m not watching them to begin with.

Just for the fun of it, I’ll probably post a “what I’ve missed’ post tonight or tomorrow just so see what all I’ve missed since I haven’t really hit sites like ANN since mid-August either, so the anime world may have blown up and died already and I don’t know about it.

MSNBC: Anime is for teh Sex!

Color me not enthused by this article:

These cartoony, sexualized characters are all part of otaku culture. Otaku is a Japanese word that has evolved from meaning “techno-geek” to describing devoted fans who pore over Japanese animation (anime), manga (graphic books), hentai (erotic comics) and other comics-derived media.

Thanks.  It takes six paragraphs for the article to finally say this:

Of course, not all anime and manga is overtly sexual — a lot of it is meant for children. Even some adult anime isn’t sexualized any more than, say, Wonder Woman (who was created as a dominatrix bondage fantasy.)

And then continues on with the sexualized aspects of it.  I was thinking about ordering Otaku USA, but I’m not sure about that now:

“The appeal of Japanese pop culture [to Americans] is that it is a moral-free zone,” explains Patrick Macias, editor in chief of Otaku USA, a bi-monthly magazine with a circulation of approximately 60,000. “The ideas of good/bad, right/wrong, that duality is not present.”

Thank you very much, but I like watching my anime because it’s entertaining, not because it’s a “moral-free zone.”

Basically the entire article is “look at all of these loser, lonely freaks and perverts who wack off to cartoon porn of 12 year old girls getting penetrated by octopi!”  The article tries to approach the subject with moral agnosticism, but I’m not sure Mr. and Mrs. Average American are exactly impressed by reading that all these anime people enjoy watching cartoons of 5th graders getting tentacle raped.



Apparently the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about either:

Lolicon” (or Lolicom, a combination of “Lolita” and “comic”)


Lolicon, also romanized as rorikon, is a slang portmanteau of the phrase “Lolita complex”.


Maid Guy – Episode 10

It’s Maid Guy Episode 10, and Naeka has been given mountains of math homework, but is too stupid to do it, or even study for it. As a result, Maid Guy leads her to a special shrine where she can get her wish granted, but Naeka is going to have to work for it.

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