I'm Back! – Week Long Unplanned Break Finally Over

Well, the week off from work that I had from last week was planned, but I wasn’t really planning on taking such a break off from the blog (and anime in general) for the week as well.

In any case, I’m (more) back than I was last week, so I’ll try to start chipping away at what I’m sure is a significant episode review backlog at this point.  I know I missed the podcast last weekend, and there is a chance I may miss it this weekend since I’m not really sure when I’ll work on it.  The problem is that I’m going to be gone next weekend too, so doing one next weekend if iffy as well.  I may end up just putting one up next Thursday or something (or at least record it Thursday and post it Saturday) just to get one up.

As for an Otakon podcast, it’s getting a little late for that, and considering how things turned out, I’m not sure if I have enough stuff to really do one – at least one that is informative at all.

Starting next week is my 2nd of 3 semesters for my master’s final project, so that may also make me cut back on how much I post and how much I blog in the fall, but I’ll try to do my best.

In any case, if you’re wondering where i went after Otakon, basically I’ve been vegitating and watching the Olympics for the past week, but I should be crawling back now.

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