Back after a long day 1

And today was the seemingly boring day on the schedule.  Nevertheless, I’m beat.  The JAM Project concert especially seemed to doom me, both because I had to walk two blocks uphill, and then around another block in line, but the concert itself was exhausing, even if I was sitting down most of the time (and I loved how the press people, who were sitting right behind me, were going as crazy as everyone else).

I’ll reassess my schedule tomorrow morning, but I am just axe everything before the Bandai panel just so I can get as much rest as possible.  No podcasts come out tonight…I’m too tired.  Pray that I’m not this beat tomorrow or else I might just end up making one digest Otakon podcast on Sunday.

There does not appear to have been any new license announcements today.  I already knew that Funimation and Media Blasters didn’t have any, but I didn’t know if any of the smaller companies might have had any (though I think only one or two had panels yesterday).  Saturday may be big as both Bandai and Kadokawa have panels, with Kadokawa’s specifically called “Kadokawa announcements” I think.  Of course, they announced 6 new licenses at AX, so I doubt they’ll be announcing more, but they may be announcing who is going to produce and distibute those titles.  We’ll have to see if Bandai has anything new to say.

In any case, I better go to sleep before I completely collapse.