A Wireless Signal!

Yay!  Though, within California Tortilla, not the BCC, and this looks like a free one too.  So it looks like my $20 for a week of wireless access is an epic fail.  Oh well, I wanted to try it anyway.  The only wireless I could get inside the BCC was a BCC wireless one – and I’m guessing that’s the one that would cost Otakon, like, $150 per IP, so no.

If I ever would use it at any other time, I would get a phone with web or a wireless service through a cellular company for my computer.  However, since I would probably use it like…once a year, it’s not really worth it.  My cell phone’s text message thing is getting a workout, though.

In any case, I was booted from Funimation since there weren’t any chairs left, so I chilled outside for half an hour and came back to stand in line for Media Blasters.  I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll probably make sure I have nothing for at least a half hour before any industry panel now.

Also took my first trip through the dealers room and bought the Scrapped Princess Collection for $40 (yay!) and Air Volumes 1-3 for a total of $70 (borderline).  I was looking at getting all the Kurau DVDs, but I would have had to plop down $130 for that where I looked, and that was a bit much for me.  Maybe I’ll try to see if one of the other dealers has it for less.

And oh yeah, an actual nugget of news: Kurau: Phantom Memory has been discontinued.  I hadn’t actually seen that mentioned anywhere, but the people at the ADV distrubtor table confirmed that, so yeah, ADV even lost thought (or at least discontinued it) as well.

In any case, the TBA movie ended up being something I didn’t recognize, so probably once I’m done eating, I’ll head up to the arena.