Unless you’re visiting this blog for the first time in a while, you are probably aware that I’m going to Otakon this upcoming weekend.  As a result, there are several things I should note:

1) I have signed up for week-long wireless access to a wireless provider in Baltimore who at least says they have a router right across the street from the Convention Center.  I hope to be able to post updates to my blog whenever I get a free chance, but I’ll only know how good the connectivity is once I get there.  I will be able to post updates in the evening when I’m back at my hotel.

2) My back-up posting method is by twitter via text message.  If you haven’t noticed by now (largely because it makes my page load take longer), I have the two most recent twitter messages on my sidebar.  I’ll only have this during Otakon, so don’t worry about the slower page loads being anything permanent.  Any hot updates I’ll post there unless I miraculously have a wireless internet connection inside the panel rooms.

3) Don’t expect any episode reviews while I’m there.  I hardly have the time to do what I’m already doing, much less time to do that.  I’ll catch up when I get back.

4) I’ll try to get audio of some of the bigger panels that I attend, though that will depend on the quality of audo I can get.  It’s rather hit or miss.  If you don’t see any audio clips posted, you know why.

5) I’ll try to get a lot more pictures this time.  I was surprised by how few pictures I took last year.  Moar. I want Moar Pictures!

Oh yeah, and even though I may not hand out any, I ordered these cool Moo mini-cards for my blog.  They’re not exactly 100% kosher since the back side has images from various anime shows (with apologies to the people who made those shows), but it’s not exactly like I’m getting rich off this blog.

In any case, I’ll be heading out in the next hour or so, and I’ll make sure to post once I get into Baltimore!