In Baltimore Once Again

Well, not exactly in Baltimore.  More like a few miles to the south, but you know what I mean: I have arrived at my hotel for my 2nd year of Otakon.  Luckily this time I got hear before rush hour traffic, so the bad traffic wasn’t horrendous traffic like it was last year.

It once again rained so hard that I had to pull off for a bout 15 to 20 minutes this year, as it did last year, but this time I had built in enough leway that I still had plenty of time.  In a couple hours I’ll head down to the BCC to pick up my badge.

I’m interested to see what they have on the badges this year.  Last year I didn’t see anything that really interested me, so I just picked up Raxephon (of course, I had only been watching anime for about 2 years (vs. the 3 years now) so I have quite a few more shows under my belt this time.  I suggested that they should have a “Nice Boat” badge this year on the Otakon forums, but we’ll see if they will.

I’ll see if I can get some cosplay pictures too while I’m down there.