Web Stats for July 2008

July saw a massive increase in traffic from June, probably largely thanks to the fact that I’m actually posting things again, unlike my slow months of May and June.  The traffic did start trailing off at the end (relatively) but I was still holding between 300 and 400 visits a day for the most part.  July was easily the best month for my blog (previous best was April) as I passed 10,000 visits for the first time as well as 20,000 page views for the first time.

In any case, here are the numbers.  Changes from June in ( ):

Visits: 12,848 (+101%)
Page Views: 23,534 (+93%)
Absolute Unique Visitors: 9,836 (+88%)

This translates into:

Visits/day: 414.5 (+94.1%)
Page Views/day: 759.2 (+86.8%)
AUV/days: 317.3 (+82%)

Now, on to more specific statistics:

Top 5 Busiest Days in July (in visits):

  1. July 3 (750)
  2. July 4 (640)
  3. July 8 (601)
  4. July 6 (590)
  5. July 5 (566)

Top 5 Non-Search Engine (and non-aggregator) sites from which I received traffic (in visits):

  1. Otakon.com (109)
  2. Sea Slugs Anime Blog (75)
  3. Welcome, my son, welcome to the machine (45)
  4. Momento (38)
  5. Rollchan’s Weblog (27)

Top 5 visited posts (in page views):

  1. Summer 2008 Anime Preview (1,107)
  2. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season – Episode 3 (518)
  3. Strike Witches: First Impression (or, What horror has Gonzo Wrought?) (512)
  4. I Survived a Japanese Game Show (361)
  5. Strike Witches: Crunchyroll vs. BOST TV Round 2! (324)

This month I had visits from 116 countries, a gain of 16 from June.  The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Romania, and Indonesia all had at least 100 visits, which I think is a record for number of nations in that category with 17.  Meanwhile, 47 other nations had at least 10 visits.

Every state but Wyoming visited me in July.  North Dakota, who shunned me last month, did return this month.  California, Texas, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Ohio all gave me at least 100 visits.

Looking at browsers, 57.3% used Firefox, which is up about 3.5% from last month.  For the first time, a plurality of Firefox users are using Firefox 3, with 46.5% using either 3 or 3.0.1, doubling the number from last month.  33.7% used Internet Explorer, with 2/3 using IE7 and still 1/3 using IE6.  4.5% of visitors used Opera while 3.5% used Safari.

My podcasts were downloaded a total of 1,304 times in July, an increase of 82.4% from June.  The top downloaded podcasts were Episodes 79 and 80 at 133 times each, Episode 81 at 100 downloads, and episode 82 at 66 downloads, though episode 82 was released on the 27th.  19 other episodes were downloaded at least 10 times as well.