Otakon Schedule Up

Here it is (pdf).

Huge gaps in the Hall D schedule and all.  Not sure what’s up with that, since I don’t recall such big gaps last year.  One person on the forum suggested that it was rehearsals, though I don’t know for what since Masquerade rehearsals appears to be in the Arena.  However, they don’t have TBAs either, so it’s possible that there is just nothing going on in there, which seems like a waste of space to me.

I’m also curious about the TBA between 12:30 and 2:30 PM in the HD theater on Friday.  Possibly Evangelion?  I’m not sure what else might be there which they wish to keep a secret unless it’s Ponyo.

Also, why have 3 workshop rooms if the vast, vast majority of the time there is nothing going on in there (by my count, there is a total of 46 hours of workshops.  At 38 hours of total convention time…38 hours x 3 rooms = 46 hours or programming?  I’m just sayin’.


Looking back at last year’s schedule (I still have the booklet from last year), there were some gaps in the what was called Main Events room last year as well.  This year there is about 15 hours of dead time in Hall D while last year there was 17.5 hours, so it’s actually basically the same, plus 9 hours were spent on the Masquerade and a concert, which are taking place in the area this year.  So in reality, Otakon went from 13 hours of non-masquerade non-concert programming to 23 hours so it’s actually a significant increase, despite all the dead time.  And this doesn’t even account for 2 hours where the hall was used along with Video 1 for the AMV Contest.

So I guess despite all of the gaps in the Hall D schedule, it’s still a significant increase in programming.  I just think that it’s still a waste to have so much dead time, though, when you could be showing some popular shows (see: Girl Who Leapt Through Time) a 2nd or even 3rd time during those slots, but that’s just me.  I’m not organizing the thing and there are probably good reasons for the gaps.