Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 13

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume Episode 13. What are the white woman’s plans for Chiko? What is her relationship with Twenty Faces? And will the real Akechi please stand up.

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  • Twenty Faces and Ken chase the white-haired woman and Chiko off the island towards a blimp anchored on shore. Ken asks Twenty Faces why he disappeared, but Twenty Faces just says that he realized that “the war wasn’t over yet” and that he has to end it first.
  • Meanwhile, Tome and Akine wake up Shunka, who how now snapped out of her hypnosis. Akechi – the real one – then shows up and the four escape from he island.
  • Twenty Faces and Ken get on the blimp, which is being used to celebrate the finish of the movie Eternal Love – whose producer the white woman murdered while Chiko, Tome, and Shunka were visiting the island. Once he gets to shore, Akechi sees the airship and has a hunch that Chiko is onboard. He sees something hanging from the blimp, and when he looks from his binoculars, he sees that it’s Chiko.
  • After taking off, the entire production crew of the movie is wiped out after drinking poisoned wine in celebration. Twenty Faces decides to go after the white haired woman while he tells Ken to investigate the rest of the ship.
  • Twenty Faces finds the woman in a room with a large suitcase which Twenty Faces assumes contains Chiko. The woman looks like she’s about to stab the suitcase, so Twenty Faces shoots her, but she immediately becomes a doll. He opens the suitcase, only to find another doll, now possessed by the woman.
  • We learn that Twenty Faces and the woman had been research partners in the past, looking into artificial bodies. However, due to heightened internal electricity, the woman was the only one who could control them. The two of them eventually fell in love. However, Twenty Faces soon decides that the research was going in the wrong direction and decided to burn down the lab. The fear of losing her lover drove the woman to give herself an artificial body, but Twenty Faces rejected her.
  • Ken finds the blimp filled with bombs and he tries to disarm them all, while Chiko is eventually able to free herself and climbs back up into the blimp. Meanwhile, Twenty Faces and the woman start to fight, which Chiko arriving soon after, with the woman seemingly having the upper hand over Twenty Faces, stabbing him in the back with her detachable hand and shooting him.
  • The woman is about to shoot Chiko when Twenty Faces tells the woman to stop, and that he’ll stay with her for the rest of her life. Finally happy that her goal is accomplished, the willpower the woman used to keep her body working fades away and she dies.
  • Ken is unable to disarm all the bombs and decides to look for parachutes. Meanwhile, Twenty Faces and Chiko walk out onto a stairway and throw the woman’s body into the sea to lay her to rest. However, the bombs start going off, which throw Twenty Faces and Chiko off the blimp, but Twenty Faces is able to throw Chiko back on, leaving Twenty Faces to drop into the ocean…

This series likes having big endings to their story arcs, doesn’t it? This time we have a “Twenty Faces dies! (again!) type ending, with the added tease of the woman being like “oh I’m alone again. Oh, there you are!” to suggest that perhaps she’s alone in death,and Twenty Faces has arrived now that he’s died too. However, like last time, I’ll believe that Twenty Faces is dead when I see it.

So it looks my like suspicion of where the series might go – that Chiko, Tome, and Shunka would basically get together and end up learning about Twenty Faces and his past in order to find him again – might have been right after all, just delayed a couple of episodes. Twenty Faces clearly has something he still thinks he needs to do, and he ended up telling both Ken and Chiko this. However, if he really did die this time, it’ll be up to them to figure out what it was Twenty Faces wanted to accomplish and to do it themselves.

I can’t finish off my comments though without adding in the Akechi twist. Looking back at a couple things in the last episode, such as the ferryman asking Akechi if he had already crossed earlier and the fact that Akine wasn’t on the boat (visibly) when he was making his way to the island, it seems obvious that the Akechi we saw with Akine and the Akechi we saw on the boat were different. Indeed, those scenes did kind of seem odd to me, but it didn’t raise enough of a red flag for me to make me think about it much. Of course, this brings up the question – when did we see the real Akechi and when did we see Twenty Faces in disguise?

I was kind of expecting the white-haired woman to be a long term rival for Chiko, but that’s obviously out now too. I’m sure we’ll be introduced to a new villain soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 13

  1. It was so hilarious when 20Faces opened up the suitcase and finds his ex naked inside… although apparently she was wearing fake jugs.

    Also awesome was how Ken got tasked with taking care of the bomb but had to give up cause there were about 20 million bombs individually set.

  2. I think the only long-term “villain” we’re going to be faced with in the rest of the series will be Twenty Faces’ diabolical past making super-soldiers for the government.

    I’m sure there are quiet a few more horrific bits of collateral damage floating around ready to wreck him and/or Chiko besides just ex girlfriends.

  3. I don’t think 20 Faces is dead yet. He mentioned himself that there are still things he need to do on his own. He wouldn’t just simply end his own life like that.

    But I’m still curious about how the white haired woman’s body works. Was she just controlling all those puppets with her “gift”?

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