Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 12

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume Episode 12, and Chiko is on her own again, this time with the white haired woman kidnapping Tome. Can Chiko rescue her on her own?

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  • Chiko has been on the run, out on her own for the past 3 days, believing that she has to persevere on her own and not bring anyone else into the mess she’s in.
  • While out in the rain, Chiko faints, but Akechi catches her. Chiko, for a moment thinks that Akechi looks a lot like Twenty Faces, but blows it off, and she runs off, saying that she’ll find Twenty Faces before he does. Akechi later passes Ken, who tells Akechi that he’ll look over Chiko, and also notes that Akechi reminds him of Twenty Faces.
  • In the meantime, Akine is out in the rain, still hypnotized and having nightmares about losing his younger sister, Chieko in a crowd in a war-torn town. He sees Chiko in a crowed and thinks it’s Chieko and grabs her, but Chiko is able to run away. Akechi then shows up and easily breaks the hypnosis spell which is on Akine.
  • Having escaped Akechi, a boy gives Chiko a note from “a white haired woman” telling Chiko that she has Tome “on the island of his memory.” Chiko decides that she has to rescue Tome, with Akechi and Akine on her trail, and Ken on their trail.
  • Once Chiko arrives, the mysterious woman displays a stone-looking Tome, who the girl pushes off a crane. The head of the statue comes off and starts bleeding. Believing that the woman has killed Tome, Chiko becomes enraged and attacks the woman.
  • After mostly outfighting Chiko, the woman then uses Shunka to attack Chiko, whom Chiko is able to knock out pretty fast. The woman then uses Chiko’s despair over hurting Shunka and Tome’s apparent death to hypnotize Chiko.
  • Akechi and Akine then arrive, where Akechi tells the woman that she used to be a part of him, but now she’s nothing more than a monster. It is then revealed that Akechi is in fact Twenty Faces in disguise. Akine (who is shocked by the revelation) nevertheless, fetches the hypnotized Chiko and brings her behind Twenty Faces.
  • The woman then continues, telling Twenty Faces that he should be full of hate for “all the things we did” and she asks what his goal is, but Twenty Faces wont answer. Ken, who has arrived by now, overhears their conversation and realizes that Akechi is Twenty Faces as well. The woman then silently tells Chiko to stab Twenty Faces in the back, which she does.
  • However, this brings her back to her senses where she is suddenly delighted to see Twenty Faces, and then horrified to find that she’s stabbed him. Twenty Faces collapses in pain after a few moments, and the woman lunges at him. Ken then throws a smoke bomb and there is chaos for a while.
  • After the smoke clears, Twenty Faces and Ken are no where to be seen, the woman has escaped with an unconscious Chiko, and Akine is left behind to find a very aline Tome still inside the statue…

Well, this episode definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, and Twenty Faces throws me off once again. Now we have three groups: the woman and Chiko, Twenty Faces and Ken, and Akina, Tome, and presumably Shunka.

I’m still not sure what the woman wants to use Chiko for, but obviously she wants her for something. We now also have the fact that Twenty Faces did something in the past, which as a result caused him to do what he does. However, we still don’t know the what and the whys of it. Speaking of Twenty Faces, I wasn’t expecting to see him again this quickly.

Well, I was right about one thing: the school arc seems to be done. However, I have no clue where this is going from now on, and I’m not even sure I’m going to try to guess. It’s certainly keeping me interested though.

P.S. Whoever decided to add sound effects to the OP should be drug out into the street and, well, punished severely in some fashion.