CLANNAD – Special #2 (Episode 24)

It’s the CLANNAD Special #2: Tomoyo’s arc. This extra episode explores what a relationship between the Tomo’s would look like.

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  • Okazaki and Sakagami are dating, with Sakagami continuing to wake Okazaki up in the morning, etc. It’s the day the student council election results are announced, and Sakagami ends up winning. However, Sakagami’s friendship with Okazaki and Sunohara has created a stir within the school. Sakagami also starts slacking like skipping classes and using the intercom for personal uses, and she ends up being chewed out by a teacher.
  • Soon, preparation for the school festival makes Sakagami sparse, and Okazaki largely spends his time hanging out with Sunohara. However, one day, Sakagami is able to get away and spend some time with Okazaki. However, they are interrupted by the Vice President, who tells Sakagami that she’s needed. He then tells Okazaki that Okazaki has tons of potential, but that he’s dragging her down. A teacher at the school also pulls Okazaki aside and tells him the same thing.
  • One day, Okazaki is waiting for Sakagami at the school gate, but she shows up and tells him that she’ll be late since she has to clear something up. The Vice President then shows up again, telling Okazaki that the problem is his fault, since Sakagami got in trouble for being seen leaving his house in the morning. He then tells Okazaki again that he’s a bad person for dragging Sakagami down.
  • That afternoon, Okazaki tells Sakagami that they should break up, since he’s dragging her down, but Sakagami won’t have it, saying that Okazaki will go back to being a delinquent if the break up. However, Okazaki tells her that he can’t keep relying on her, and that the feeling he had wasn’t love. Sakagami then walks away, crushed, while Okazaki remains there, also crushed.
  • Despite Sakagami not helping him anymore, Okazaki does his best to go to school and keep up with his school work. Meanwhile, Sakagami continues her work to save the Cherry trees.
  • Soon it’s time to look for jobs, and Okazaki doesn’t have much luck due to a poor recommendation from his school. He soon finds a job within a city, but not as close to the school as he’d like.
  • Then on graduation day, on his way back home, Okazaki runs into Sakagami. Sakagami tells him that she won the fight to save the cherry trees. She tells Okazaki that she still loves him, and that she’s happy that Okazaki has been able to do well, even without her help. However, Okazaki tells her that he’s stuck where he is now, and that he’s sure she’ll go and and do whatever she wants to do, but Sakagami tells him that she’ll stay there with him. Okazaki gets mad since she would be giving up on her future, but Sakagami tells him that he’s the future that she wants most of all. The two then embrace in tears, having reaffirmed their affection for each other…

Well, I’m not sure what there is to say about this, since it’s an alternate ending and thus doesn’t fit into the story at large. It’s hard to get all excited and emotional over an episode which has a conclusion which we never led up to to start with.

I guess by itself it’s a good enough episode for a one-shot, though I was kind of sad that we didn’t see anyone else, even as a cameo. Personally I’d rather have had the Kyou-Okazaki ending if we had an alternate ending, but oh well.

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  1. me too, joshy-boy. I wanted to see the Kyou Fujibayashi alternative ending. ahahaha! :D

    or even the Kotomi ending.

    Fuko ending? hehe.

    oh yeah, have you played the Tomoyo Fighter ~It’s an Exciting Life~ – Perfect Edition? it’s a doujin game.

    just click on my username to redirect you to the site.

    can’t wait for the Clannad ~ After Story anime this October. yeah!

    thanks. :D

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