Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies – Episode 03

It’s Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies Episode 3, and the training class gets their first magic jobs. However, Sora has a rather odd request, while Midorikawa is facing a serious issue in trying to complete his request.

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  • Midorikawa goes out surfing in the morning, but gets yelled at by Saori for going out without permission. Meanwhile, Hara takes Sora to his office where she meets his assistant, Fuune.
  • At his office, Hara tells Sora about her first magical assignment: to unlock a safe for a middle-aged woman. However, one curious thing about this woman is that she’s asked for this many times, as she doesn’t have the key to unlock the safe. However, she still wants to keep certain items locked in it, so she calls for magic whenever she wants to open it.
  • In the meantime, we learn that Midorikawa has only just recently learned that he is of mage heritage, but he’s never used magic before.
  • Midorikawa and Sora then head off to school where Sora is about to tell her friend Hiori about her job when the instructor comes in and chides her, since jobs are supposed to be confidential. She also tells the class that using magic before getting trained and without an official request is illegal.
  • After class, Hara and Sora head off to do Sora’s job. Sora opens the safe, but then she grabs the books inside and runs off into the garden outside the house. Sora says she just wanted the lady to come outside, bu Hara tells Sora that it’s not her place to do that. However, when the lady tries to lock the safe again, it’s revealed that Sora destroyed the lock on the safe instead of just unlocking it.
  • The lady gets mad at Sora, but Sora tells her that she can’t just keep clinging to what it’s the safe and that she has to live her own life. This seems to open the lady up, and she and Sora look through the books, which contain pictures of the lady and her late husband.
  • Meanwhile, Gouta runs away from Saori, having obviously failing at his assignment. However, Saori asks him if he’s going to run away “just like his father.”

Wow this series is really slow and laid back. Nevertheless, we probably had more going on in this episode than in either of the last two. We learn that Midorikawa has never done magic and despite his best efforts, still can’t do it – something which greatly frustrates him.

Meanwhile, with Sora we have our standard Someday’s Dreamers storyline of the mages sticking their nose in people’s lives beyond just doing the magic their assigned to do.

And that’s largely it in this episode. As I said, slow. I don’t necessarily mind slow series, but if a series makes something like Sketchbook seem fast paced, you know they may be going a little overboard in that department.


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  1. To be honest, I’ve never seen Sketchbook. However, compared to other series that I watch and consider fast-paced, Mahou Tsukai really stands out. Which is why I like it. :]

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