Evangelion on ABC! OK, not really, but still marginally cool

I’m surprised I didn’t spot this earlier, but there is a brief shot of an Evangelion poster in the 2nd episode of I Survived A Japanese Game Show:

And if you’re blind as a bat and can’t see it:

As I said, I’m surprised I didn’t spot it before since I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for anything like that.  I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed something else too.

3 thoughts on “Evangelion on ABC! OK, not really, but still marginally cool

  1. I saw that when the 2nd episode came out. Too bad the show became so much about the fake drama of the American players and not enough about the Japanese culture. I would have kept watching to see things like working at a Pachinko parlor or whatever. Oh well.

  2. @AstroNerdBoy – Yeah really. The ratings started sinking after the 1st episode, probably because of that. If they do a 2nd series, my recommendation would be more games (and maybe more culture – and not just the punishments and rewards) and less drama

    @Jones – At least where I am it’s Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern on ABC, though the next episode is apparently the last one. If you’re in the US, you can probably watch past episodes on ABC’s online episode viewer thing.

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