Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 11

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume Episode 11.  Tome, Shunka, and Chiko head to the beach, while an old enemy of Chiko’s returns.

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  • Chiko, Shunka, and Tome take a trip to the a beach resort by themselves. While hanging out, Chiko spaces out. Shunka surprises Chiko back into awareness and notes that she’s been spacey ever since her trip.
  • On their way to Shunka’s cottage on the beach, Shunka notices someone who looks and is dressed just like her walk by, but when she looks back, no one is there.
  • Shunka wakes up in the middle of the night, and goes to the kitchen to get something to drink. She finds and old dusty picture of she and her parents, but then hears footsteps. She goes out to look to see who it is and sees her doppleganger standing there looking evil, but it quickly disappears. Shunka walks to the top floor, but she suddenly sees something and screams. Hearing the screams, Chiko and Toma run upstairs and see Shunka alone, having been frightened by her own reflection in a mirror.
  • Tome picks up the picture, which Shunka had been carrying, and sees that it also has a twin of Shunka’s in the picture. Shunka tells them that her twin will never forgive her…since she’s the one who killed her. Chiko asks what she means, but Shunka won’t say.
  • The next night, after Shunka has locked herself in her room all day, she shows up and Chiko’s room and tells her what happens: one summer while they were staying at the cottage, her sister was drowning in the sea. Shunka thought her sister was joking around at first, but after a while realized she wasn’t and ran to get help. However, by the time help came, she had already drowned. Shunka tells Chiko that she thinks her sister hates her and is haunting her.
  • The next day, Chiko decides to prove to Shunka that there are no things as ghosts, and takes Shunka to the beach. There they find a girl who looks just like Shunka and who wears the same swimsuit as her. Chiko concludes that this is the girl she saw on the beach on the first day. Otherwise, Chiko thinks that Shunka has been thinking of her sister so much that she’s either seeing things or sees a reflection and thinks it’s her sister. For example, the time when Shunka was in the kitchen, the image of her looking at a mirror was burned onto her eyes so that she temporarily kept seeing it when she quickly ran out into the dark hallway.
  • Feeling better, Shunka decides to run off and buy sweets. When she leaves, it’s revealed that Chiko told her all this stuff to make Shunka feel better – including having another girl at the beach where Shunka’s swimsuit to convince her that’s what she saw. However, as Shunka runs to the candy shop, she hears a strange voice…
  • The trio return home and, after avoiding more off her aunt’s desperate attempts to off her, Chiko goes to school and finds Shunka acting strangely. Meanwhile, the white-haired woman that Chiko fought on the island goes to Akine’s apartment and hypnotizes him. The pair then goes to Chiko’s house, where Tome greets them…
  • Chiko then comes home from school, where Tome has now become hypnotized. Chiko realizes this and goes to her room, but Tome, Shunka, and Akina arrive there soon afterwards and try to force-feed Chiko some pills. Chiko is able to fight them off until Shunka piles the pills in her mouth and then force-feeds them to Chiko mouth-to-mouth.
  • However, as Tome picks up pills that are scattered all over the floor, she cuts herself on the wood floor, which wakes her up from her spell. Remembering that Akine (while under the woman’s spell) told her that the pills that Tome had been giving Chiko thinking they were vitamins were actually poison pills, Tome, slams Akine and tells Chiko to run for it, who does after spitting out the pills.
  • Chiko runs to her Uncle Genji’s house, but is told that he is out of the country. Chiko then decides that she has to do things on her own without bothering other people…

This seemed to be a transitional episode from the school days story arc into more of a “search for Twenty Faces” arc, at least if the ending of the episode is of any suggestion. In any case, now that Tome knows that Chiko’s aunt is trying to poison Chiko, it’s doubtful that Chiko will be living in her house anymore, which was the only reason why Chiko went to school to start with.

This episode was also the first time all three “Detective Girls” were together at once, and I have a feeling that we’ll start seeing them together a lot more starting pretty soon. On top of Chiko’s situation, I highly doubt Tome will be hanging around Chiko’s aunt any more, and we already know that Shunka wants to get away from home to have adventures. Basically all the pieces are set for what will probably be the show’s final story arc: The three girls’ search for Twenty Faces.

At first I didn’t realize why Akine was telling Tome about the poison pills, but then I realized that the zombie-woman person couldn’t possess someone unless they were depressed or whatever. She used Akine’s guilt over his sister to possess him, and did the same thing for Shunka, and then used Tome’s despair over the pills to get control of her.

In any case, I’m really interested where we’ll go from here. Obviously Shunka will “recover” somehow, though I could see either Chiko or Tome doing that. Also, eventually the three will end up hooking up again, which I’m guessing will happen next episode. However, beyond that, I think this series can go just about anywhere.

Oh yeah, and we’ve now hit the halfway point of this series.