Maid Guy – Episode 09

It’s Maid Guy episode 9, and Naeka’s two friends come to ask for help regarding the cake shop they work at, which is being run out of business by another cake shop which is pulling in customers by featuring very busty waitresses.

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  • Since becoming Naeka’s maid, Kogarashi has become sort of a hero around the neighborhood, helping the neighbors do thing like efficiently cut fish and win baseball game.
  • However, one day Naeka’s two friends show up saying they want to be Kogarashi’s apprentices. The pair work at the D’erlanger sweets shop. However, everyone has stopped coming since a new cake shop opened across the street, Sweet Holstein – a cake shop which draws in customers by having very well endowed maid-servers who are practically falling out of their costumes. Too add insult to injury, the shopping district is going to kick out the store with the lower sales the next day.
  • Naeka agrees to infiltrate Sweet Holstein by getting a job there, and tries to compel Fubuki to come with her, but Fubuki runs away. Once inside, Naeka realizes that the sweets they sell are uber-expensive and taste like crap (well, what did you expect?)
  • Once Maid Guy shows up, he uses his Maid Guy Trapping Voice on all the customers for the other shop, which hypnotizes them into coming into D’erlanger. Kogarashi then starts serving things like…cakes in the shape of snakes and whole pigs (or are they actually real snakes and pigs? I wouldn’t put it past him), but serves them in a way which apparently makes them taste wonderfully sweet.
  • Angry that her big-breasted maids aren’t bringing in the customers anymore, the manager of Sweet Holstein enters D’erlanger and demands to have some of their cake. However, Maid Guy then reveals the other manager as she truly is: a flat-chested woman with fake rubber boobs in her bra. On top of this, all the waitresses at the shop had gotten fake boobs so they would work there (and earn the great salary).
  • In the end, Maid Guy also notices Fubuki, who is hanging out in the ship in a trenchcoat, and so they use her dressed in a Sweet Holstein uniform to attract customers as well.

Well, I guess based on the premise that every episode is going to be about breasts in some way, this was a pretty good episode. Of course, having 9 straight episodes about boobs has gotten rather old at this point, so I say that it is “pretty good” in the relative sense. Hey, at least Naeka’s big bust came in handy this episode for once.

I guess for being a fan-service laden series, this hasn’t been too painful to watch (I’d take this over Girls Bravo any day, for example). I’m trying to decide if that’s because, even though it is boob-centric, we don’t actually have very much actual nudity overall (comparatively), because I’m doubting it’s because the story is necessarily superior.