First Impression: Birdy the Mighty: DECODE

This was a “I’ll wait what I hear about it first” show, but enough people recommended it on various websites that I decided to check it out, especially since I ditched Strike Witches.

My main worry was that this looked like it would be a fan service fest show, and things didn’t necessarily start off extremely promising with Birdy’s fairly revealing outfit as well as the photo shoot scene at the start. Luckily the fan service isn’t really bad, and this is the only place it exists in the first episode.

The rest of the episode shows the series to be a rather promising comedy/action show. While Birdy may be a tad on the ditzy side, she looks like she would be a rather competent female lead, while the boy she possesses (due to accidentally killing him in a battle) Tsutomu doesn’t seem to be your normal loser male lead either, which may this series interesting as well.

I loved Tsutomu’s last line of the episode, though: “Is this the next part of my nightmare? I turn into a beautiful girl?” because, of course, a boy turning into a beautiful girl (even one that does modeling as a cover) is typically one of those fantasies that turn out being not so much of a fantasy.

Having seen the first episode, I can see why people recommended it, as this series may be the most promising of all the summer series I’ve seen so far.