Special A – Episode 14

It’s Special A episode 14. Akira finds out Yahiro has been snooping around, and decides to protect Yui from him. However, she ends up only making matters worse.

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  • After her final day at the other school Akira decides to have one final party at her house, just for the girls. After everyone leaves, Akira’s butler tells her that they discovered that Yahiro’s car was parked at the school all day that day. Figuring that he might be there because of Yui, Akira instructs her butler to drive Yui to and from school every day.
  • After not too long, Yui stops by and asks Akira to stop with the bodyguard stuff and all since it’s embarrassing and annoying to her, and tells Akira that she won’t come by anymore.  Akira realizes that by trying to keep Yahiro from pushing away Yui, she may have just done so herself.
  • As a result, Akira is depressed and not even Tadashi’s calling her “devil woman” is enough to elicit a response. Tadashi then grabs her and runs off so he can ask her what’s going on. Akira tells him what’s going on in general terms, so Tadashi just tells Akira to apologize. Akira doesn’t think it’s that simple, but Tadashi thinks that’s all she needs to do.
  • Akira then gets all sniffily because Tadashi was “able to stop her tears” when only Hikari had been able to before, and she proceeds to hug him.
  • Meanwhile, Yui goes to a jewelry store, but is told by the owner that they don’t make transactions with anyone under 18. Suddenly Yahiro shows up. He asks Yui what she’s selling and grabs the pouch Yui is carrying and empties it, revealing that Yui has taken some of Akira’s jewelry.  Yahiro pulls Yui outside and tells her that he’s investigated her family some, and realizes that her family is in tough financial shape, and that’s why she must have stolen the jewelry.
  • In the meantime, Akira asks Tadashi to take her on his bike to see Yui. However, Yui isn’t home, but Akira does notice packing boxes in the house when Yui’s mother answers the door. Akira asks if they’re moving because Yui’s father suddenly lost her job or something, and Yui’s mother says yes. Akira believes that it’s of Yahiro’s doing and decides that she’ll do something about it.
  • Back at the pawn shop, Yahiro promises to take the jewels back to Akira’s house and make it look like they were never gone, but in exchange, Yui can’t see Akira ever again. Yahiro starts to walk away and Yui runs after him, but is bumped by a pedestrian out into the street in front of an oncoming car.
  • Having saved Yui from the car, Yahiro has taken her to his house to treat her injuries, but then tells her to go home. However, Akira and Tadashi then show up. Akira, seeing Yui’s injuries, accuses Yahiro of injuring Yui and of costing her father her job.  However, instead of correcting Akira, Yahiro, who believes he is saving Akira from someone who is only getting close to her because of her wealth (like what some kids did with both of them when they were little), has decided to “act like the villain” and confesses to Akira’s accusations.
  • However, Tadashi tells Akira that, since Yui is there, he should apologize to her. He also tries to keep Yahiro from stopping Yui from speaking. As a result, Yui tells Akira the truth: about how Yahiro saved her, that her father was fired before she met Akira, and about the jewelry. However, instead of getting mad, Akira just tells Yui that she could have done something about it if Yui had told her earlier, and then Akira apologizes to Yahiro, something which catches him off guard.
  • The next day, Akira tells Tadashi that she got Yui’s father a job in one of her companies. However, Akira then asks where Hikari and Kei are, and Ryuu notes that they went out and did something the day before…

Sorry for the lengthy recap, but a lot of stuff happened (for once). *sigh* It’s starting to look like things are getting more complex now that things are being told about Yahiro which is making him not sound quite as bad as it looks on the surface. This namely has to do with the fact that he decided to “be the villian” in order to keep away friends of Akira’s who he thought weren’t worthy or would make her sad.

Of course, I’m not sure that, even if one of Akira’s “friends” fit that description, whether threatening their parents is the best way to do it. It may end up being a thing where he has good intentions but can’t seem to find a constructive way to deal with the problems he wants to solve.

On the other hand, just as Yahiro is slightly improving his stock, he’s losing his chance with Akira because Akira now seems to be taken with Tadashi now. Of course, it was obvious to me from the start that they had a thing for each other, so I’m not really surprised when they finally semi-got together.

Overall…am I bad to start liking this series a lot better now that Kei and Hikari have been shoved to the side for a few episodes. I much prefer the other 5 members of the Special A.

In any case, are we ever going to find out why the Special A was suddenly shipped off to another high school for 3 days?

Anyway, next episode is about Kei and Hikari’s date, so I guess we can expect more Hikari cluelessness or Hikari submission or both.


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  1. This is an old post, I know, but in case you still didnt’ know, they went to school cause of Tadashi lying to his mom about the whole girlfriend thing (ep11).

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