Some Long-Overdue Site Updates

I did some long over updating of my anime review lists (the alphabetical and by-score ones) today which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

First off, most of the links to the reviews still used the old permalinks structure.  While the links still worked, I’m sure it added a bit of inefficiency, so I’ve switched all the links over to what they are now.

Second, I actually added my most recent reviews.  I basically hadn’t added anything to the lists since about March, so everything I’ve reviewed is now listed.

Third, I updated the reviews based on my revisions that I made for my podcast.  I do this occasionally, and really should do it when I actully do the revising, but in any case all of the reviews themselves are now updated as well.

I also added links on those pages to the other list (The Alphabetical list has a link to the list by score, and vice versa) as well as a link to the How I Rate Anime Page.

I basically did the same thing for the manga as well.