Funimation schedules Geneon

Funimation is on the ball.  They already have a list of the first Geneon titles which will continue their releases and when:

August 19th
Black Lagoon Volumes 1 – 3 (that’s the entire season)
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage Volume 1
Elemental Gelade Volume 1

September 2
Karin Volumes 1 – 4
Kyo kara Maoh! season 2’s volume 1-7

September 9
Shakugan no Shana Box Set (can I buy, you know, just the box?)

September 16
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage Volume 2
Fate/Stay Night Box Set
Hellsing Ultimate Volumes 1-4
Rozen Maiden box set

September 23
Kamichu box set
Paradise Kiss box set

September 30
When They Cry – Higurashi volumes 1-4

This is an interesting strategy.

For series which are finished, they’re just releasing the box set.  That was kind of a “duh,” though I noticed that either they didn’t get the Shana OVA, or they’re going to release that separately (but haven’t scheduled it yet), or they’re including it in the box set and they’re going to make me buy the box to get it (yeah right since I already own the entire series).

The bigger question was, for the series which were stopped in the middle, would they release previous volumes, and the answer obviously appears to be yes.  However, hey’re doing it in bulk so they can speed it up, and then picking up where they left off.  That’s an interesting strategy, and I’m wondering how much of that is just old Geneon stock holed up in a warehouse somewhere?

Also, am I the only one who finds it odd that they’re re-releasing Elemental Gelade on a volume-by-volume basis and not as a box?

And I’m serious…can I buy just the Shana box by itself?  They never sold a box for the Shana series before (I think they were planning on selling it with the OVA).