Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies – Episode 01

Welcome to Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies Episode 1. I enjoyed the first Someday’s Dreamers series, so I’m hoping to like this one too.

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  • A girl eats a fresh tomato (don’t get salmonella now!) before going out to visit her mother. Meanwhile, a man named Seiichirou Hara calls the girl’s mother to inform them that the girl – Sora Suzuki – has been admitted to the Mage Institute.
  • Sora’s mother and some other workers are harvesting potatoes from a field when Sora arrives and her mother yells out to her that her application to the Mage Institute has been accepted.
  • Sora then goes to meet her friend (cousin?) Michiru to hang out one last time before Sora has to go to Tokyo. Michiru also tells Sora that she likes someone, but he’s transferring, so she’s going to give up on it. However, Sora will have nothing of it and tells Michiru that she has to confess before the boy leaves.
  • That night, Sora meets up with Michiru again and Michiru goes to meet the boy, Tooyama to confess. To make the mood better, Sora fills the building they’re meeting in with snow.
  • The next day, Sora heads off to Tokyo to go to the Mage Institute…

Well, the first thing I noticed was the animation style which is…unusual to say the least. One guess is that it’s a hybrid of live-action shots with animation, but I think many, if not most or all of the live-action shots appear to be “treated” in some way to make them look animated – like perhaps through blurring or something, because I can definitely tell that some of it – especially the vegetation, is not just a picture plopped down in the background. Or perhaps some is live action and some of it they drew in. Either that or, if they actually animated the backgrounds from scratch, they’re amazing.

The downside to this is apparent immediately, though, in that the foreground animation (aka, the characters and objects they immediately interact with) don’t necessarily mix perfect with the background, but I’m not sure how much of an issue that really is.  They also tend to like to do distance shots, so I guess they don’t have to do as much foreground animation.

As for the story, talk about slow paced. We’re through 1 episode and we’ve had 1 very minor use of magic and we haven’t even gotten to Tokyo yet. I’m not sure we can tell what the rest of the series will be like from this episode, but it seems like it will be rather laid-back, even more so than the first series.


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  1. The first episode kinda annoyed me a little how it was so slow paced. The second episode was a bit better ^_^ And there’s an enormous amount of scenes that look like real life in there o.o

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