Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season – Episode 3

It’s Episode 3 of The Melancholy of Akane Suzumiya KimiNozo ~Next Season~, and this time it’s focused on Akane, who finds it weird that Takayuki has stopped visiting and calling and decides to find out why. Oh, and go step in cap crap.

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  • After swim practice one day, a boy at school asks Akane out, but she turns him down and runs away, presumably because she still has feelings for Takayuki (where’s Jouji Gouda when you need him? Nevermind, we don’t need him). Afterwards, Akane and her friend Chizuru talk about stuff on the way home like how Akane has changed recently, how Akane is planning on going to America, and about relationship matters, etc.
  • Meanwhile, Akane wonders what’s going on between Haruka and Takayuki, given that he hasn’t been visiting or calling at all recently. Akane asks Haruka about it, but Haruka tells Akane that he isn’t able to visit anymore due to changing shifts.
  • Akane decides to visit Takayuki at work, where he ends up telling Akane generally what’s been happening between him and Haruka.
  • Akane then has an apparent flashback to an argument she had with Mitsuki over her relationship with Takayuki, where Mitsuki blows Akane off since “she can’t understand since she’s never truly loved someone before.” However, back in the present, Akana remarks how Mitsuki is wrong about her not loving anyone.
  • Akane, trying to dig deeper into what’s going on, decides to call Shinji and ask him about it. Shinji ends up telling Akane about the event at the train station where Haruka initially broke things off with Takayuki. However, he adds that he has faith in both Haruka and Takayuki that they can work things out in the end.
  • After all of this, Akane confronts Haruka at home that night about what’s going on with Takayuki. Haruka tells Akane that she wouldn’t understand what’s going on, but Akane just tells Haruka that she’s being selfish. All of this causes Haruka to collapse…

So, we thought that this would be the last episode, but apparently Brains Base decided to make us wait until August 22nd for Episode 4 (and I can only assume that’s the last episode).

In any case, onto the episode itself. We get lots of Akane angst in this episode. She’s tired of people telling her that she wouldn’t understand what’s going on and tries to bring Haruka and Takayuki back together, despite her own feelings for Takayuki. Of course, now she’ll probably get to be all regretful about Haruka collapsing again and all, so I’m sure we’ll get more Akane angst in the next episode too.

We finally get to see Ayu-Ayu and Mayu-Mayu in non-cameo roles as well (which I’ve been waiting for). Not that they add much to the episode besides comic relief, but it’s still nice to see them (all we need now is the Mayu-Ayu theater, or whatever).

The other thing about this series, which luckily is rare, is having flashbacks to scenes which I don’t recall being in the first KimiNozo series (aka Rumbling Hearts). The flashback scene in this episode was like that. It looked like we entered the flashback mid-argument, but I’m not exactly sure what the rest of the argument was about (other than Mitsuki’s relationship with Takayuki). Maybe it ultimately doesn’t matter, but it just kind of irks me in a way.

It’s probably obvious to say this, but how the next (and presumably last) episode goes will largely determine whether this series as a whole will be good or not. I think it’s been decent so far, but I’m concerned that we’ll just kind of have a “we’ve seen this before” ending with Haruka collapsing.

I guess we’ll find out in a couple months.


4 thoughts on “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season – Episode 3

  1. Well, since this is supposed to be, essentially, an alternative ending to make Haruka fans happy (and pay for such happiness…not that there’s anything wrong with it), there’s little problem with missing or modified flashbacks since previous events weren’t exactly the same in this time line.

  2. According to the official website, the final OAV episode won’t be released until December 19 this year. So that’ll be a long wait.

    Sorry if I just told this only more than three months late.

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