Web Stats for June 2008

June was another rather slow month, largely due to sporadic posting until the last full week or so of the month. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some improvements next month now that I’m back to a somewhat regular posting schedule.

In any case, the numbers are below the fold

Change in May in ()

Visits: 6,407 (-8.5%)
Pageviews: 12,191 (-1.6%)
Absolute Unique Visitors: 5,229 (-5.3%)

This amounts to the fewest visits since March (though it is still a 30.6% gain from then). On the flip side, the final full week of June was the best week since the first full week in April.

All of this translates into:

Visits/day: 213.6 (-5.4%)
Pageviews/day: 406.4 (+1.7%)
AUV/day: 174.3 (-2.5%)

Now, on to more specific statistics:

Top 5 Busiest Days in June (in visits):

  1. June 30 (447)
  2. June 25 (409)
  3. June 26 (335)
  4. June 27 (326)
  5. June 14 (280)

Top 5 Non-Search Engine (and non-aggregator) sites from which I received traffic (in visits):

  1. Piqmag.com (77)
  2. Otakon.com (71)
  3. Sea Slugs Anime Blog (50)
  4. AnimeAddicts (28)
  5. Comics Worth Reading (24)

Top 5 visited posts (in page views):

  1. I Survived a Japanese Game Show (329)
  2. PiQ Crashes and Burns. Is ADV Next? (279)
  3. Summer 2008 Anime Preview (192)
  4. Candy Boy – Episode 1 (175)
  5. Candy Boy – Episode 2 (141)

This month I had visits from 100 countries, a gain of 2 from last month. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, and France gave me at least 100 visits, while 37 other nations gave me at least 10.

I also had visits from 49 states and DC, with only North Dakota shunning me this month (Wyoming decided to visit again this month after forgetting about me last month). California, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington, Illinois, and Virginia all gave me at least 100 visits.

Looking at browsers, 53.9% of visitors used Firefox, a minimal drop from last month. However, 23.7% of Firefox uses used Firefox 3, up from only 5% last month. 36.8% of visitors used Internet Explorer, a near 1% gain from last month. Out of those, 33% were still using IE6, down 2% from last month (what’s wrong with you people?) 4.8% of visitors used Opera while 3.7% used Safari.

Finally, my podcasts were downloaded 715 times last month, down 21.2%. The most downloaded episodes were Episode 76 (91 times), Episode 74 (86 times), Episode 75 (76 times), Episode 78 (71 times), and Episode 77 (66 times). Not sure what is causing the drop in podcasts this month. Last month I thought it might have been due to skipping it one week, but I didn’t skip it any in June. Could just be that the series that I’m reviewing aren’t necessarily at the top of people’s lists.