A little update on Funimation, Geneon, and ADV

I apologize to gia, but I think it will just be easier to quote from her post:

Fukunaga is now talking about FUNi’s major coup d’etats: the 10+ Geneon titles and the 32 ADV titles (Gen says 34– are there more to hear about? Hm).

Moving into questions…Will you go with box sets for the new titles? Yes if they can, but with Geneon most of the titles are part-in, so they want to start releasing the rest of the series. Also with Geneon, that’s a partnership and Geneon is continuing to dub and will finish all of their shows– it’s their productions still. So no dub changes! With ADV, they’re in talks to have ADV finish up the series, again to avoid dub disruption, but nothing’s set in stone yet.

First thought: The 34 could have been a misspeak, or it could mean they’re also grabbing 2 out of 5 of Best Student Council, Ghost Train, Innocent Venus, Kurau: Phantom Memory, and Synethesia and just haven’t announced it yet (I would have to imagine that ADV would fight to the death to keep 5 Centimeters Per Second).

Second, at least ADV may be able to make a little money to still being in charge of production of the series that were taken from them (Shattered Angels, NHK, Kanon, Tokyo Majin, and possibly Murder Princess, if any dubbing has taken place on it.  I’m not sure what else is still outstanding).  Same thing for Geneon, though Geneon has completed the dubs on a good portion of their shows anyway, so I’m not sure how much there is left to do.

Part of it, of course, could also be due to the fact that I’m sure Funimation may not want to see ADV go away, even though they are competitors.  Right now, Funimation is the undisputed King of anime, but it’s rarely good for an industry to have only one major player in the market (Yeah, I know Bandai Entertainment is still out there, but can anyone argue that they’re as big as Funi is now?).