Strike Witches: First Impression (or, What horror has Gonzo Wrought?)

Strike Witches logoOK, since BOST TV actually allowed PC sized downloads of their series, I thought I would check out the first episode of Strike Witches. Now I kind of wish I didn’t as both my ears and eyes may never be the same again.

First off, the best way to describe Strike Witches is probably Sky Girls meets Moetan meets a dash of Kanokon.

First, the Sky Girls part: loli opposed to war is lured by cool military gadgets into fighting for humanity against evil invaders of some type.

Next, the Moetan part: Blatant loli fanservice. A lot of it. Apparently they’ve living in a time where pants of any kind are banned for all women except seniors. And I mean that. All women wear only panties or bloomers (with optional pantyhose or thigh-highs) below the waste. I’m guessing whomever rules the world at the time is a hard-core pedo.

Finally, the Kanokon part: apparently whenever the girls activate their magic, they sprout something that looks like a fox ears and tail. Not sure why yet, but it probably has something to do with trying to pander to every fetish known to man. I wouldn’t best against some lovey-dovey twin sister pair showing up or something at some point either.

I just had to face palm multiple times as the only battle sequence that was in the first episode had more panty close-up shots than actual shots of the battle, I think.

Oh yeah, and the acting and writing is horrible. And I mean horrible.

While this is a first impression, it may be a last impression as well as I would be hard pressed to put down over $30 to watch this series. It’s almost bad enough that I spent the $3 that I did.

I’m sure the loli and fanservice fans will eat up this series, but I can already tell that this would easily be a contender for worst series of the year if I kept watching it.


12 thoughts on “Strike Witches: First Impression (or, What horror has Gonzo Wrought?)

  1. All the reasons that made you hate made me love it.

    And I already own the full set of vol 1 Strike Witches trading figures. Including the rare figures.

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  3. @jp_zer0 – I hope that was snark

    @Anonymous – Well, I think I basically said some people would probably eat it up for the reasons that I hated it.

  4. They aren’t all doggy girls. Yeager, the American, has rabbit ears.

    I think you have to approach it with the right state of mind: it’s goofy fun, completely over the top, utterly stupid. But it’s still fun. I really enjoyed it.

    It’s a Gonzo fan-service show. But ultimately, what else could a mecha-musume show be? The idea itself is preposterous; there’s no way the resulting show could be deeply meaningful. So it’s to the credit of the direction team that they fully embraced the stupidity and ran with it.

    I always give points for unpretentiousness.

  5. I don’t know. I think Last Exile is an example of a retro-high tech fantasy show which does well without either being stupid or having much fan service.

  6. Mmm, but Last Exile wasn’t a mecha musume show. ‘What else could a mecha-musume show be?’

    Unless, of course, one took the Eva approach and produced a deeply depressing story about young women with weapons grafted onto their bodies to fight an alien menace. That might not sell, though.

  7. Sky Girls was a “mecha musume” show I suppose, and while not fantastic, it certainly was better than this appears to be.

    I actually probably would consider at least watching the 2nd episode, despite the bad acting and writing, if they just wore some damn pants or skirts or something. Anything to tone down the fan service anyway.

    Acting like this is the only way the show could be is just plain dumb. Just about everything could be improved in some way: the fan service, the acting, and the writing.

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