Now for the bad news: ADV releases 'Suspended Indefinitely' …again

I hope this thing doesn’t go on 4 or 5 month cycles or whatever. From Robert’s Anime Corner blog:

I just got the word this morning from ADV that the following new releases have been ‘suspended indefinitely’:

Shattered Angels , Vol #2 DVD
Shattered Angels , Vol #2 DVD w Art Box
Kanon, Vol #6 DVD
Tokyo Majin, Vol #4 DVD
Welcome to NHK, Vol #5, 5th Conspiracy DVD

I did not inquire about releases out past 7/8. This is just a quick post, and I’m currently working to get some clarification on what’s going on.

Oh, damn it to hell that Kanon 6 is on the list. And I would agree with Robert on this point:

The ‘deer in the headlights’ deal we went through back in February isn’t going to cut it this time.

Especially since it appears to be yet another licensing problem. Apparently this only applies to new releases (Robert says they’re still getting shipments of the new box set releases, for example), but that is obviously still not good for ADV.