Special A – Episode 12

Kei returns to spend his day with Hikari. However, stress and overwork has given him a fever, so in stead of hanging out and having fun, the day is spent with Hikari trying to nurse Kei. Unfortunately, Hikari is completely inept with anything and everything around the house…

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  • The episode begins with Kei still in Shanghai when he gets a call from Yahiro telling him that Hikari is going out on a date the next day. As a result, he flies back to Japan and picks up Hikari from the end of the last episode.
  • In the chopper, Kei gets all flushed. Hikari asks him where they’re going, and Kei quotes a line from a movie he saw the night before: “with you, I could go anywhere, even if our destination was hell.” Hikari remarks that she’s rather not go to hell just as Kei faints with a high fever.
  • Hikari takes Kei back to his house, where Sui says that, while Kei has been overworked, he’s never collapsed before. Hikari then thinks that’s why he wanted to spend a day with her: so he could have a day off and have fun.
  • To help Kei get better, Hikari decides to make porriage, but ends up destroying Kei’s kitchen in the process. Fortunately for Kei, Hikari ends up spilling it all over herself before being able to feed it to him.
  • Next, Hikari decides to bring down Kei’s fever by getting some ice. However, she goes and gets a huge block of ice, shatters it, and piles it into a sack. He tosses on Kei’s head, which obviously doesn’t look or feel good, so Hikari tries to grab it off, but ends up dumping the whole sack of ice onto Keis’ head.
  • Now needing a change of clothes, Kei tells Hikari where his other pair of PJs is. Since Kei is too out of it to change himself, Hikari decides that she’ll change Kei for him. However, Sui returns to Kei’s room just then and yells at “ero Hikari” for trying to undress Kei.
  • Hikari asks Kei if he’d sleep better if she weren’t there, but he strongly rejects this, both because Hikari agreed to say with him for the day, and if he slept, Hikari would have left by the time he woke up. However, Hikari tells him not to be reckless and to go to sleep.
  • When Kei wakes up, Hikari is gone, and he asks himself why things never go right with Hikari. However, when he leaves his room and looks downstairs, Hikari is sleeping there. When she wakes up, she asks Kei, since he’s been stressed and all, if he wants to hang out with her the following weekend, which Kei obviously agrees to.
  • However, Hikari also wants to do it to “atone for her mistakes”…such as making Kei be kissed by a girl (Hikari) he doesn’t like (who he of course does like). In response to this, Kei kisses Hikari, which causes her to go crazy…

This was probably the single best episode in this series so far. For once, they actually had an episode which made me laugh out loud multiple times. Perhaps some of the reason why is because I basically have 0 sympathy for Kei except in the area of Hikari being utterly and completely clueless about everything, which this episode addresses head on.

If every episode made me laugh even half as much as this, it would be a pretty good series. It would be nice if this marked a turning point in the series, but I somehow think this is more of the exception to the rule than a turning point.

In any case, Hikari is as weak at anything dealing with the home or taking care of people as she is strong in strength (and how heavy must that bag of ice have been if even Hikari found it heavy?) I was just wondering what was going to happen to Kei by eating Hikari’s porridge before she decided to spill it all. He probably would have gone into convulsions or something.

In any case, this episode seemed to be a turning point, somewhat, which I guess isn’t expected for a series when it hits the halfway point (I don’t know when the last time I was this happy to hit the halfway point of a series was).

Also, was this our first Akira-less, Ryuu-less, Jun-less, and Megumi-less episode? I think we had seen everyone else at least once before.

Again, here’s hoping to the 2nd half no being as bad but, no promises. At the very least, hopefully, they’ll swap OPs for the 2nd half.


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  1. i’m in the middle of watching this series too and i must say that although there are several episodes that i’d prefer to skip, ch. 12 isn’t one of those. personally, i find the opening song irritating and i wish they’d fill in a better sounding one.

  2. I loveeee Special_A!!
    I just watched episode 18,and I hope I can see the next episode very soon~!! ^__^
    Can’t hardly waiitttt~

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