Special A – Episode 11

It’s episode 11 of Special A and Hikari finally goes on a date. However, it’s with the person you might least expect. Of course, regardless of who it’s with, Akira is going to rampage.

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  • Kei is about to “have Hikari for the day” when Kei’s father shows up saying that he needs him for a negotiation in Shanghai. Kei refuses to go, so his father decides that the easiest way to resolve the problem is to just take Kei with him anyway.
  • Suddenly Tadashi shows up out of the blue and asks HIkari to be his girlfriend. The situation behind this is the fact that Tadashi’s mother, the chairwoman of the school, has told him to go to a marriage interview. However, he gets out of it by telling her that he has a girlfriend. Of course, Tadashi doesn’t actually have one, so he asks Hikari to fill in that role. Also, apparently if Tadashi attempts to resist her will at all, she forces him to bungee jump.
  • After a short chiding from Hikari for lying (to which Tadashi explains he had no choice), Hikari agrees to be his girlfriend on the upcoming Saturday. Once she gets back to the greenhouse, Hikari is asked by Akira to hang out Saturday, but Hikari obviously refuses, explaining that she has a date. Akira gets the look of evil in her eyes and asks Hikari who would dare ask her out, but Hikari tells her it’s a secret (after some not-so-subtle begging by Tadashi).
  • On Saturday, Hikari and Tadashi go on their date. Unfortunately, Akira won’t let Hikari get away with “it’s a secret” and spies on the date. While eating lunch, Hikari and Tadashi decide to observe other couples to see how to act, but immediately spot one couple which starts making out within moments. Hikari and Tadashi reluctantly start re-enacting the events that led up to the other couple’s make-out session, but when Akira sees this, the other members of the Special A have to restrain her back.
  • Next, Tadashi and Hikari go to the beach, with Akira and crew in hot pursuit. However, once there the pair make such a racket that everyone else leaves.
  • Next the pair go to hang out in the woods. Akira and company try to follow, but Akira ends up meeting up with some marshland, snakes, and monkeys and gives up. In the meantime, Tadashi shows Hikari a lake deep in the forest.
  • Finally, Tadashi and Hikari go on the final leg of their date: a trip to see Tadashi’s mother. Of course, his mother can’t let them off by just saying they’re dating and tell them to “prove” it by kissing. Hikari’s all for it to get Tadashi out of the jam, but Tadashi ultimately refuses her and tells his mother the truth that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  • However, Tadashi’s mother says she already knows he’s single (who does he think she is, she asks), but she just wanted to see what Tadashi would do to get out of the marriage interview.
  • Once outside the school, Kei returns via helicopter, and tells Hikari that Yahiro called him saying that she had a date with Tadashi, grabs her, and takes her away in the chopper so that Kei can have his day with Hikari…

This episode was pretty good, though it would have been better without Hikari or Kei (ie, the two main characters of the series). The “pretend to be my girlfriend!” gig isn’t exactly new, but it tends to be rather amusing. However, I still had several issues with this episode:

1) We had raging Akira, but other than getting in a menu the head on Tadashi, she didn’t do much other than, well, rage, and does anyone believe that she’d give up following Tadashi in the woods that easily? It’d be more in her personality to call up some rich person she knows to bulldoze the forest or something (of course, the way it worked made it much less over the top, which is nice for a change).

2) Hikari does her usual submission act, willing to do anything and everything to help Tadashi out, something which Tadashi points out in the end is something she does too much.

3) Does anyone else find it disturbing that Kei just drops in and basically kidnaps Hikari at the end? I can sort of get the Kei kidnapping at the start by explaining it as some sort of “can’t defy your father” type thing, but the thing at the end was kind of…weird.

Maybe the best part of this episode was Tadashi’s mother basically using Tadashi for her own amusement. I almost hope we get to see more of that.

In any case, we’re slowly and painfully clawing our way to the midpoint of this series, with the next episode marking halfway.


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