Special A – Episode 10

It’s episode 10 of Special A, and someone has been vandalizing the Special A greenhouse in an act of apparent hate towards the group. In the mean time, and old nemesis challenged Ryuu, the 7th and final member of the Special A, to a contest.

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  • Kei remembers Hikari’s kiss from the last episode when Hikari suddenly shows up, surprising Kei (especially since he was looking at pictures of Hikari on his laptop at the time). Hikari formally challenges Kei to see who will do better in the next round of tests. Kei agrees, but only if Hikari will allow Kei to “have her for a day” if he wins.
  • A balling Akira then runs and grabs Hikari to show her that her favorite tea set is in pieces in the greenhouse. Kei then shows up and says it was probably done by someone who hates the Special A.
  • Hikari goes to grab some brooms, but is soon approached by 3 fangirls. Hikari tries to tell them that the members of the Special A aren’t, well, special when Nakamura, the boy Hikari and Kei beat up in the first episode, shows up, angry that he got suspended because of them.
  • Nakamura then challenges Hikari to see if “foul play” is going on regarding the members of the Special A (since they’re all the same). However, Nakamura wants to challenge Ryuu, since he’s the 7th and last place person in the Special A.
  • Hikari goes to see Ryuu, who lives in an apartment skyscraper with Jun and Megumi while the twin’s parents are out of country. Oh yeah, and he has a zoo and greenhouse too. Hikari asks Ryuu if he likes contests, but he says not really.
  • The next day, Hikari runs into Nakamura and asks if she can be the challenger. However, Ryuu then shows up and says he’ll do it, but also asks Nakamura if he’s the one tearing up the S.A.’s room (since it was trashed that morning as well). Nakamura indirectly admits to doing it, and Ryuu goes into punch him, but Kei stops Ryuu from doing so, saying that Ryuu would be suspended.
  • To make up for getting Ryuu into this mess, Hikari offers to cook dinners for him while he studies – a movie which Ryuu, Jun, and Megumi would rather not be extended. Jun and Megumi offer to make dinner and tell Hikari to feed the animals.
  • The night before the contest, Nakamura sets something up with Yahiro, who seems confident that he can compel Ryuu’s family to do anything. At the challenge, the student council president brings a 1000 question test for the pair to take. However, Ryuu ends up being late due to being tied up in Yahiro’s plot.
  • Ryuu shows up with only 10 minutes left, but flips through all 1000 questions in seconds, memorizing them and answering them all in that time. Kei explains that the only reason why he gets 7th is because he’s too busy taking care of Megumi and Jun to keep up on his studies.
  • A week passes, and Kei beats Hikari in the exams again…

It was about time we had an episode about a member of the Special A other than Kei and Hikari. This time the episode is on Ryuu. I like how Ryuu could probably be #1 in the school if he wasn’t distracted by other things, though being able to finish a 1000 question test in 10 minutes is a little overkill (that’s one question every 0.6 seconds).

Overall I’d have to say this was a fairly decent episode (for once), but we still had our serving of moron-Hikari who apparently can’t figure out what Kei means when he says that he’ll have Hikari to himself for a day and does things like kiss her hand or smell her hair. She has now transcended “dumber than a rock” and is now approaching granite and marble levels of dumbness.  Also, who has a zoo on like, the 30th floor of an apartment building?  I hope the animals don’t wake the neighbors…

And unfortunately for everyone, it looks like the next episode will be all about Hikari’s day with Kei.


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  1. I think your comments on the show are totally uncalled for! This is a very decent show, full of humor and interesting plots. I like this episode because you get deeper into the characters, but you know what? All the episodes are great! If you are going to be so bitter and negative in your comments, then you can go stuff it and watch a different anime! The real anime audience doesn’t need a jackhead like you to ruin it for us!

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