Special A – Episode 09

It’s Episode 9 of Special A, and Hikari goes along with Yahiro for a “talk” but ends up being used as bait to lure Akira. However, Kei decides to take care of the situation himself.

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  • Hikari goes off with Yahiro and his brother for a “chat.” Meanwhile, the other members of the Special A look, but can’t find Hikari anywhere. Yahiro then calls Kei and tells him that Hikari is with him (willingly) but that he has no intention of returning Hikari to Kei. Kei and Tadashi head off to fetch Hikari from Yahiro.
  • Chihiro figures out what Yahiro is after, and begs him not to involve Hikari in it, but Yahiro just tells him to shut up. Yahiro then finally sits down with Hikari, and Hikari asks him what she’s been wanting to ask: has Yahiro, Kei, and Akira gotten into a fight. She asks because she thinks they should make up if they have, but Yahiro just tells her she’s meddling.
  • After this, it is Yahiro’s turn to ask something of Hikari: he wants her to be his bait. Yahiro then locks HIkari up in the villa’s dungeon, which obviously doesn’t make her happy. Yahiro remarks how he doesn’t understand how Akira could hang out with her, since he thinks Hikari is an idiot.
  • Kei and Tadashi arrive at Yahiro’s villa. Yahiro greets them and tells them that he’ll return Hikari if they do what he says. Kei excuses Tadashi and Kei and Yahiro go off to have a little talk.
  • Meanwhile, Chihiro arrives in the dungeon and releases Hikari. They run out into the garden, where they run into Tadashi, who is lounging around waiting for Kei’s talk to finish. Tadashi and Hikari then escape the villa and return to Ryuu’s house.
  • After Akira happily greets Hikari’s return, Hikari asks her if something happened between her and Yahiro, but she doesn’t really answer. After this, Hikari then decides….to go back to the villa since Yahiro may be surprised if she’s missing.
  • Meanwhile, Kei is getting tired of Yahiro trying to use one method or another to lure Akira to see him, since he promised not to go see her himself. They then have a fight over who is the richer bastard before Kei offers to buy the villa from Yahiro and gives him a blank check, but in return Yahiro has to stop bothering Hikari.
  • Kei demands to know where HIkari is, so Yahiro takes him down to the dungeon, but find that Hikari has escape. However, she soon shows back up. Hikari gives Yahiro a note from Akira, which tells Yahiro that “he’s gonna get it” if he does anything to Hikari.
  • This finally causes Yahiro to leave. Kei then turns to Hikari, who backs her up against a well, but then asks her how much is she going to make him worry before she’s satisfied. As they ride home in a limo, Hikari tries to think of a way to cheer Kei up, and then decides to kiss him on the cheek. She does this based on what Yahiro told her while she was in the cell since “men are so simple minded.” Unfortunately, being informed of this just makes Kei’s mood worse.

This was apparently the “let’s see how stupid we can make Hikari look” episode as she in a single episode:

  1. Allows herself to be locked in a dungeon to act as bait
  2. After escaping, decides to go back because the person who locked her up “might be surprised,” and
  3. Is completely clueless over what kissing means

I remarked after last episode that Hikari seems to allow herself to be subjugated by about everyone else, and this is largely continued in this episode. I mean, what sort of idiot goes back because the person who locked them up “will be surprised”?!

I think both Kei and Yahiro are right…Kei is right that Hikari is as thick as a lead wall, while Yahiro is right in that I don’t see how anyone can stand Hikari because she’s such a blithering idiot.

As for productive things going on in this episode, we confirm that Akira and Yahiro have a past, but we’re not sure exactly what it is beyond Akira yelling at Yahiro to stay away from her when they were younger. At least we have something more to expand upon later in the series.

In any case, just when I don’t believe this series can get any worse, it finds new levels of badness to achieve.