Maid Guy – Episode 08

It’s episode 8 of Maid Guy, and Liz’s brother shows up and, being a lover of big breasted women, immediately proposes to Naeka. After being rejected, he then uses his awesome Mega-Playboy charm powers to gain the favor of all the girls in the school.

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  • Naeka is chilling in front of her house one morning when Hendrick K. Strawberryfield shows up and complements her “mounds” and asks Naeka to marry him. He then bombards Naeka with his charm when Fubuki shows up and he starts to woo her as well. Suddenly, Liz, shows up and shoots Hendrick, who ends up being her brother, in the head with a “strawberry arrow.”
  • Unfortunately for Naeka, Hendrick ends up being her substitute homeroom teacher due to her normal teacher being off for, supposedly, maternity leave. He starts a commotion by starting to woo all the girls in the class, but calms them all down with his sparkly charm. Liz suddenly shows up again, flying through a window and kicking her brother in the head.
  • Naeka and her friends end up finding out that Liz is mad at her brother because all he cares about are women with large breasts. Naeka tries to tell Liz that she should ignore men who only think like that (why are we even having this discussion if they’re siblings?).
  • Liz tells Naeka that she’s wrong, and as proof, Liz shows Naeka and her friends an example of Hendrick’s awesome charm, as he instantly charms he school nurse, who has been nicknamed “Ms. Crabby.” Liz then gets angry over her brother liking Naeka again and runs off, and the group concludes that Liz has a brother complex and thus Naeka is her “rival” for love.
  • Meanwhile, Fubuki and Kogarashi research how Hendrick is able to woo women in an instant and discover that he must have the Demonic Eyes of Allure, which allows one to be an instant hypnotist.
  • Back at school, Hendrick has charmed the entire kendo club and has become the club’s advisor and henceforth bans all underwear from the club. Naeka then challenges Hendrick to a match before he can become the club’s advisor.
  • Liz is about to go in and stop her brother again as her quite-obvious alter-ego when Maid Guy shows up and gives her a bag of something to use on Hendrick.
  • Meanwhile, Hendrick easily defeats Naeka’s two friends at kendo, since they’re concentrating more on no looking at his eyes than fighting. Then they come up with the perfect plan: Naeka should use the Sure Kill No Bra Blinding Strategy, which is meant to keep his eyes, er, off her eyes. However, this plan has a major flaw: white shirt + no bra + sweating = good view.
  • Liz suddenly shows up wearing the thing Kogarashi gave her: a bra which makes her boobs look huge. As a result, once again, Hendrick focuses on the boobs and doesn’t even realize he’s fighting his sister now.
  • However, Liz and Naeka are driven back and are about to lose when Liz tries to show Hendrick that the bra is fake. However, she only pulls off the little ribbon which causes the bra to go into “destruction” mode and blinds Hendrick. While he’s distracted, Naeka is able to finally defeat him.

This series has gotten to a point where it’s so bad, it’s good. I mean, this series is so completely ridiculous that it shouldn’t be good, but I think it keeps the humor up at a good enough level and moderates the fan service just enough that it’s still funny without quite being obnoxious.

I’m not sure what much else there is to say. There basically isn’t any central plot being advanced or anything so I can’t talk about what I think will happen very well (other than more Naeka boob-based antics and looking forward to more Maid Guy action).

I guess specifically for this episode, we can’t have an anime series without having at least one character with a sister or brother complex, can we? I’m guessing that will be a target for more humor in the future. I was kind of sad that Maid Guy didn’t have as big of a roll in this episode as in the past, though.

Once again, only 4 to 5 episodes left and 143 days left to go? Like I’ve said before, I smell second series.