Special A – Episode 08

The Special A take a trip to Hawaii, but their joy trip is derailed by Chihiro, the son of one of Ryuu father’s clients who Ryuu has been tapped to take care of.  Chihiro decides that everyone will play house, and ensures that the positions he assigns people will drive everyone as crazy as possible.

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  • Because the Special A is a bunch of rich bastards, they decide to take a private plane on a trip to Hawaii for their trip. However, Kei is all depressed because Hikari is as dense as a lump of coal about how he feels about her.
  • Once the Special A arrives, Akira and Hikari decide to go around town with Jun, Megumi, and Tadashi (who Akira drags along only to carry the bags).
  • When the group gets back from shopping, they go to Ryuu’s villa only to find Chitose, the crazy son of one of Ryuu’s father’s clients there, and he quickly guilts Hikari and the rest into “playing house.” He assigns Ryuu as his big brother, the twins will be his grandparents, Tadashi will be his uncle, Kei will be his father, Akira will be the mother (much to both Kei and Akira’s horror), while Hikari is assigned the role of the family dog.
  • Through the first day, Hikari gets the bulk of the shame as they really do treat her like a dog (though Tadashi isn’t far behind). That evening, Hikari goes out on a walk and finds Chitose, where he tells Hikari that he’s fooled her and everyone about being lonely without his parents.
  • The next day, everyone goes swimming, but Chitose has Hikari dress up like a dog. However, Chitose grows exceedingly frustrated with the fact that Hikari remains cheerful despite everything he’s putting her through. Chitose asks her what’s up, but Hikari just tells him that since they’re playing family, that they should try getting along.
  • Finally, Chitose tells Hikari to go to a rock out in the ocean and pick some of the flowers growing on it. She just about succeeds, but slips off the rock, only to have Kei catch her. However, when pulling her up onto the rock, Kei gets all dirty minded when Hikari’s bikini-clad chest flashes by his face.
  • Getting increasingly angry with Hikari’s willingness to do anything he asks, he decides to pick on a new target: the twins, by saying he’ll take Ryuu back to his villa. Megumi creams a cry of terror, which Hikari is able to protect Chitose from by covering his ears, but which destroys Ryuu, Jun, and Hikari’s eardrums. This finally makes Chitose give up.
  • Chitose leaves and Hikari goes out on a walk, only to run into Chitose and his older brother…Yahiro. Yahiro invites Hikari to his villa for a “chat,” which Hikari ultimately agrees to…

Well, this seemed to be an overall OK episode again, at least until we found out that Yahiro may be behind it. I guess that will ultimately depend on the next episode. Hikari being relegated to dog status was pretty funny, and harassing the twins is always a treat, but again this episode just doesn’t seem have the spice to make it really good.

I think part of my dislike of this series is Hikari’s seeming willingness to be subservient to everyone. I’m not sure that we’ve seen a character, other than perhaps Kei, who she doesn’t end up being willingly subservient to, and she ends up being unwillingly subservient to him. It’s kind of agitating to see someone who is theoretically supposed to be a strong lead be so weak. Once again in this episode she happily does anything and everything Chihiro asks to make HIM happy. It just bugs the heck out of me.

The jokes also seem to be running thin again. The twins’ obsession with Ryuu and Tadashi being treated as the real dog, while somewhat funny for a while, is getting rather old as the butt to so many jokes.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I think this series is settling itself well into the spot of most disappointing series this season.