Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 07

Chiko is found by the private detective searching for her and is returned home to her aunt, who immediately goes back to her old nasty ways. This time Chiko tries to combat it by going to school. In the meantime, she meets someone who doesn’t believe that Twenty Faces is really dead.

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  • Chiko sits horrified on the train after the events of the previous episode. She’s found by a man who jumped on the train just as it was leaving, who ends up being the Private Investigator that Chiko’s aunt hired to find her (he didn’t know Chiko was on the train).
  • Even before Chiko even gets back to the house, Chiko’s aunt proceeds to start poisoning her food again. Tome, a maid in the house, tries to cheer Chiko up, but Chiko remains in stupor due to losing Twenty Faces (though everyone sees it as trauma due to things that happened while being held by Twenty Faces).
  • The next morning, a man approaches Chiko, saying that he is a detective in search of Twenty Faces. He asks Chiko if she really thinks Twenty Faces is dead, which gives her a glimmer of hope that may still be alive. However, he says he came there to ask her that, and leaves.
  • Soon, Chiko starts to try to foil her aunt’s plan to poison her by going to school. However, one girl in particular in Chiko’s class keeps glaring at her for some reason and starts trying to pick on her, though Chiko doesn’t seem to mind that much.
  • That night, she spots the detective waiting for her in the yard, so she goes to see him. He asks her if she plans on looking for Twenty Faces, and Chiko says yes. He then tells Chiko that this makes her a detective as well, and gives her the Anastasia Ruby. Astonished, Chiko asks him how he as that, and he says he found it in the lawn visible from Chiko’s window. He then challenged Chiko to a challenge to see who can find Twenty Faces first.
  • Elsewhere, a man in a giant robot suit breaks into a building and reaches a vault inside. He retrieves two bags and returns it to a woman waiting outside…

Well, we’ve finally met the third girl from the credit sequences who appears to team up with Chiko eventually: the girl at school who is glaring at and trying to pick on Chiko (Tome already having been established as the first girl).

I think the events in this episode all but say that Twenty Faces is still alive. The question is who is he and where is he? I wouldn’t be shocked if we have already met him. My first inclination would be the detective who is befriending Chiko, but his stature seems to be a lot smaller and not as broad as Twenty Faces. Twenty Faces may be able to disguise himself as anyone, but I just don’t get that vibe from the detective. We’ve also already seen him before in passing shots, though I’d have to go back and see if we ever saw him at a time when it would have been impossible that he was Twenty Faces (and it would also beg the question why he would go back anyway?)

The man in the robot suit may be a possibility, though that begs the question, what is he doing breaking into the vault and why would he be working for that woman?

I have a feeling that this story arc probably isn’t going to last for long. I’m thinking three or four episodes max. Also, I have a feeling that Twenty Faces won’t be revealed to us again until near the end while Chiko searches for Shion parent’s murderer is on her quest to find him.

This was probably, overall, one of the weaker episodes in the series, though that only speaks to how good all the previous episodes have been as this is still a good episode which has moved the plot along. This story has taken a little unexpected turn for me, so I’m even more curious to see how it turns out.


One thought on “Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 07

  1. At first I thought the detective was Twenty Faces himself, but judging from his words and actions he might be a lifelong rival instead.

    The robotic man couldn’t possibly be him either. The woman seems to be looking for Twenty Faces (or at least his loots) as well, and my impression isthat the man is probably a loyal lackey that’s been with her for a long time.

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