Special A – Episode 07

It’s Episode 7, and Kei decides to challenge Hikari to a race in order to coax her into telling him what Yahiro told her at the party the night before. However, sick and tired of having Kei always in, Akira sets out to finally make Kei lose.

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  • Akira asks Hikari if she had any issues at the party the night before, and Hikari tells her no. However, when Kei shows up, Hikari remembers what Yahiro said about Kei liking her, gets nervous and bolts.
  • Kei finds her again and asks her again what Yahiro told her at the party, but she still can’t tell Kei.
  • Akira suggests that the group go on a trip to help Hikari get her mind off of whatever is bothering her, but this leads to a big argument, as everyone wants to go on a different type of trip. Once again Kei decides to settle things using a contest. Since he’ll obviously win, he’ll allow the runner up to decide where to go on the trip, but he also tells Hikari that she has to tell him what Yahiro said if he does win.
  • The next day the group prepares for the challenge: a run from the greenhouse, around the school and back. However, some people are given an advantage or disadvantage. For example, Megumi gets to ride a bike, Akira gets roller skates, and Tadashi, Ryuu, and Hikari both have to carry weights. The ultimate handicap is reserved for Kei, however, to gets tied to a chair in a straight jacket. They also get different starting times, with Megumi, Jun, and Akira going first, Tadashi and Ryuu going 2nd, Hikari 3rd, and Kei 4th.
  • However, everyone but Hikari and Kei are actually in on a plot to try to get Hikari to win. The first trap is quite an obvious one where Akira puts a thing labeled as a rice ball homemade by Hikari under a propped up barrel and she is able to temporarily trap Kei there.
  • Next, Akira traps Kei in a pitfall, but he once again escapes quickly, much to her dismay. Next, Tadashi tries to fool him with a Hikari mecha, but he obviously doesn’t fall for it. Finally key must face moutains, lakes, and wild animals (no really). Despite all of these delays, he quickly catches up to Hikari and beats her.
  • Once Hikari reaches the finish, Kei asks her again to tell him what Yahiro said. She finally gets the courage to say it, but she tells Kei she’ll say it only once. However, just as she says it, Tadashi crashes into the greenhouse on a motorcycle, causing Kei to not hear what Hikari said. As a result, Kei takes his frustrations out on Tadashi. However, in the end, Hikari ends up telling Kei, but remarks that it couldn’t possibly be true, so it’s OK. Of course, Kei can’t believe the fact that Hikari still doesn’t believe that he likes her, given how obvious he’s been.

Well, after last week’s OK episode, we go straight back into the toilet and thensome for this episode. This series is now approaching Seto levels of ridiculousness, and readers of my blog probably know how much I despise that series.

I really don’t think there is much to say, other than the fact that Akira has a real mean streak in her, and Hikari is definitely as thick-headed about love as she seems. Otherwise this was a completely ridiculous episode.

At one point I actually thought this would be the best series this season. Unfortunately, it’s turned into just about the worst.


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  1. I believe 10 have aired. I’m still catching up on blogging them. There are supposed to be 24 total.

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