Maid Guy – Episode 07

It’s time for the prefecture kendo tournament, but Naeka doesn’t want to go, since she has to face a fierce kendo opponent whom she embarrassed 3 years ago. However, Maid Guy decides that all Naeka needs is a little special training.

And remember: The reward of battle is spirit!

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  • As the women’s kendo team takes a nice bath after practice and proclaiming certain victory at the next even, Naeka asks if she can skip the tournament, to which the other members beat her up and ask her why. She then tells the other girls: because of a very large and very tough kendo player she’d have to face: Arayashiki Yoshie.
  • At a regional championship competition three years prior, Naeka mistook her for a man. This angered Yoshie and caused her to attack Naeka in the match, but as Naeka dodged, her kendo stick caught Yoshie’s pants, and well, let’s just say everyone knew she was a girl after that. Even since then, Yoshie has vowed to get her revenge on Naeka.
  • When Naeka enters the dressing room, she steps into an illusion where the “forces of truth” are waging a battle. Suddenly Maid Guy shows up and says he’s using his Maid Guy illusion, and that this battle is one waging within Naeka. He asks her if she really wants to give up on her dream. However, Naeka realizes that she’s still naked and screams.
  • Somewhere in there, Maid Guy puts a now unconscious Naeka into a bag and takes her to a temple on Mt. Kuramayama in Kyoto to help her train. Maid Guy attempts to help by sicking a bear on Naeka so she may train against it – something that doesn’t go so well. Nevertheless, Maid Guy decides to give Naeka a “maid guy badge” for trying hard, and declares when Naeka gets 10, her training will be complete.
  • Naeka goes through Maid Guy’s special training for a week, she finally gets her 10th badge (but not before being clobbered by a log falling down a waterfall first).
  • Finally the day of the tournament comes, and Naeka easily defeats everyone up to the final game, where she meets Yoshie (who has also gone through her own special training). Naeka defeats Yoshie after a fierce battle, but still tries to take revenge out on Naeka, but Maid Guy gets in the way and sets loose Maid Guy Illusion on Yoshie, making it look like everyone in the crowd is Naeka. She then proceeds to start stripping down everyone in attendance and gets disqualified for a “violent disturbance.”

I guess they were building up the reserves of fan service so they could unleash them in this episode, as nearly a full half of this episode took place at the bath (that makes it hard to take screenshots if you’re trying to avoid much nudity). In that sense, the episode could have largely gone without most of the first half of the episode.

After that, we have Naeka’s special training. Unfortunately, it went by so quickly (due to spending so much time in the bath) that we didn’t get to see most of it, though it’s nice to see Maid Guy doing something relatively productive like successfully training Naeka for once.

Then we have the kendo matches, which basically went as predictable and fast as the special training.

In short, This was basically a 23 minute episode that probably could have been cut down to 10 minutes. Or else they could have cut it down to that, then expanded it back to full length by exploring the special training some more, or something.

In any case, this series is still largely plodding along, without being particular good or bad. However, with the countdown at 150 days go, I have a hard time believing that this series only has 6 episodes left.


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  1. We would either have a 2nd season, or a really rushed ending that makes absolutely no sense in the last 10 minutes of the final ep.

    But either way, it’s still enjoyable so far and that’s what matters imo XD

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