Special A – Episode 06

It’s Special A Episode 6, and Hikari is “hired” to go to a party as Kei’s partner, but the guest of honor seems to have some issues with both Hikari and Kei – something that neither of them appreciates.

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  • Sui decides to come over to ask Hikari to take a job (which she later learns is going to a party with Kei as his partner) and accepts, over Kei’s objections.
  • After Hikari fails miserably at making her own dress, Kei has her go to a store to her measurements. Once at the store, Hikari can’t seem to get her measurements, since as soon as anything touches her side, she bursts out laughing. A boy suddenly shows up and, despite Hikari’s objections, he “helps” her get her measurements.
  • That night, Hikari shows up at the party wearing a beautiful dress, stunning Kei. Once in the party, Kei asks Hikari to stay put and not talk to anyone.
  • Hikari soon walks outside and mutters how the party seems to be boring when the boy who “helped” with her measurements show up and reveals himself as the guest of honor and birthday boy himself: Yahiro Saiga.
  • Yahiro then remarks how she must be Kei’s girlfriend since she’s his partner, but when Hikari denies it, Yahiro remarks that she must be Kei’s unrequited love then. Yahiro goes on, calling Kei a “novice” in love, which causes Hikari to kick Yahiro in the head, with her telling him not to call her greatest rival a “novice” and that there is no way Kei is in love with her.
  • Yahiro then says that they should test that, and that if he “tries something” there, and Kei shows up angry, then that proves that he loves her. Yahiro proceeds to try to kiss Hikari and Kei (who has been watching this whole scene) shows up and punches him. However, Hikari, who is spooked by having Kei’s arm around her, punches him and runs away.
  • Hikari winds up in Yahiro’s room when she’s done running, and Yahiro shows up soon after. He continues trashing Kei and remarks how Kei would never treat Hikari as a real rival and how Hikari hasn’t been “trained” to be a proper woman.
  • Kei goes around looking for Hikari and eventually finds her on the dance floor. Yahiro shows up and decides that everyone should play a game of reverse-tag, and decides that Hikari should be “it” and that she has a 30 second head start to reach the house’s roof using the stairs only.
  • Hikari runs towards the goal, beating up guys and turning her dress into a mini-skirt along the way, but Kei ends up grabbing her and taking her into a room to hide. In there, he demands to know what Yahiro told her outside, but she can’t bring herself to say it. Kei tries to get her to leave, but she tells him that that would be giving in and continues towards the roof. Once there, Yahiro asks Hikari what she wants as a prize, and she just says for Yahiro to recognize her and Kei’s rival.

For once we get a pretty decent episode of this show, and I think that is largely due to the fact of spending a lot of time on Yahiro, who was introduced this episode.

We get teased with a love confession by Kei (or at least Hikari realizing that he likes her), but of course we can’t have that, so Hikari keeps convincing herself that there is no way Kei likes her, which is probably a pretty good sign that she likes him herself.

We also learn that Kei, Yahiro, and Akira were childhood friends, and Yahiro seems interested in knowing how Akira is doing, so perhaps he likes Akira. That also suggests there is more about Akira and Kei’s relationship which is yet to be uncovered. In any case, is Tadashi and Yahiro going to battle over Akira at some point?

Oh, and what was the point of having Ryuu, Tadashi, and Sui infiltrating the party? They basically didn’t do anything while they were there.

However, overall, this is more what I was kind of expecting from this series. Too bad it took 6 episodes to get there.

One thought on “Special A – Episode 06

  1. LOL yea right

    Hikari then thinks Kei is joking and that pisses of Kei. She doesn’t realize he likes her till like, volume 9-10 of the manga. Which most likely won’t make it into the anime.

    Yahiro is in love with Akira, but Akira hates him after she lost a friend because of him – he didn’t like other people talking to her and a commoner girl was using Akira, and Yahiro found out what she wassoing but Akira took it the wrong way and hated Yahiro since then. That’s why he hates commoners (Hikari).

    Tadashi doesn’t play a big role in the romance till a bit more into the series…

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