Shion no Ō – Episode 20

It’s Shion no Ō episode 20 as we are slowly, but surely inching towards the conclusion. Shion and Hani-meijin’s match is set to begin while both Satoru and the lead detective investigating the case of Shion’s parents’ murder try to get a definitive answer to the biggest question of all: who committed the murders.

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  • Yokoyama, the lead detective, tells his partner that, due to what he’s uncovered recently, he thinks that Hani-meijin is a suspect in the murder of Shion’s parents. He’s also suspicious of Hani-meijin’s alibi: that he was at a party the night before a match with Kamizono for the title of a tournament, especially since where he supposedly attended the party was quite a ways away from where the tournament was being held.
  • Ayumi comes by Shion’s house the morning of the match to give her a carm: a necklace with a star hanging from it. However, Shinji sees this and gets all fatherly on Shion when she comes back inside (not knowing who Ayumi is since he cut his hair).
  • During an interview before the match, Hani-meijin is asked if he expected Shion to be his opponent, and he answers in the affirmative, saying that she has what it takes to be “truly strong.”
  • Meanwhile, Satoru visits Kamizono to ask him about his game with Hani-meijin the day after the murder.
  • The moment Hani-meijin enters the room to play the match, Shion starts getting vibes like the ones on the night of the murder. Once the match starts, Shion launches into a strategy called Onigoroshi, which is a very aggressive style of play. As the game goes on, he starts acting more creepy, until he finally tells Shion to look at the board, and that the pieces will tell her what to do – a comment which totally freaks her out…

Well, I guess we can erase all doubt about who the murderer is – it’s definitely Hani-meijin. His possible motive also comes to light as well: to make Shion fearless and strong at playing Shogi. Knowing how obsessive Hani-meijin is about shogi, this wouldn’t be a shocking motive for him.

The main question left now is how the final two episodes will play themselves out. Will the match end next episode, or will it last all the way to the final episode. I can see either happening. Also, the lead detective is clearly zeroing in on Hani-meijin, though I’m wondering what piece of evidence will finally put him over the top to convince him that Hani-meijin is the culprit.

I have to say that the further this series has gone along, the more I’ve liked it. It’s probably become one of my favorite series that has aired at least part of it’s episodes this year.

3 thoughts on “Shion no Ō – Episode 20

  1. Great series!! I have finished watching it and it was interesting till the very end. the plot changes even till then.

  2. hmmmm… i’ve just watched the first 10 epis, and 10 more epis to go. I’ll just watch the show to know the whole plot of the story. thanks for the vlog. :)

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