Maid Guy – Episode 06

It’s Maid Guy Episode 6, and Naeka declares that it’s time for everyone to go on a diet. However, Naeka is more of the “lose weight quick” type person and goes to extreme lengths to try to lose weight (and ends up being unsuccessful anyway). In the meantime, Maid Guy reveals even more of his powers.

And remember: Clumsy maids are born! (ok that was a dumb one)

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  • Fubuki gets up and is about ready to get the clothes that hadn’t dried the day before, but Kogarashi is there (in her room) saying he’s already done it, and also mentioned how he’s figured out this and that about Fubuki’s underwear, which causes Fubuki to beat Kogarashi once again.
  • Fubuki, Naeka, and Kousuke are out buying crabs when Kousuke tells Naeka that she’ll get fat from them. Naeka tells him to shut up, but then triggers the “overweight” warning on a crowded elevator she’s about to get on, which persuades her to go on a diet. Not only that, but she forces everyone else to go on it with her.
  • Naeka has everyone weigh, though Kogarashi finds the idea of him losing weight silly, and to show why he displays yet another skill: Maid Guy Levitation. However, Fubuki isn’t so lucky, coming in at 85kg (187 lbs) – though she blames it on all the battle mid equipment on her. Nevertheless, she swears to lose 6kg.
  • Fubuki and Naeka go hang out in a sauna, where Fubuki shares a pill with Naeka that increases her metabolism and will help her lose weight “3 times as fast.” However, Naeka, believing the more the better, grabs the bottle and chugs down the entire bottle of pills and ends up sweating like mad.
  • Seeing that the pair appear to be failing in their goal to lose weight, Kogarashi demonstrates yet another skill: Maid Guy Super Vibrating Claw which instantly evaporates water from any object. He then offers to use the skill to shrink down Fubuki and Naeka’s flabby matter – something which the pair don’t take a liking to
  • Naeka then decides to go the next step: indefinite fasting. After a few days, Fubuki, Naeka, and Kousuke (who has been forced into fasting) are all out of it in their room. Maid Guy, who is fine, uses his third new skill of the show, Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion to make Naeka and Fubuki dream that they finally lost weight – but only by completely losing their boobs (among other various horrors).
  • After this, Naeka gives up fasting, but Fubuki comes down with a bad fever. After Fubuki ejects Kousuke from the room after he remarks how the situation is similar to a dating sim game, Kogarashi arrives and reveals yet another skill: Maid Guy Healing Dance, which apparently Fubuki has to do with him, but doesn’t feel like it.
  • Fubuki then requests Kogarashi to fetch the Illusionary Moss Taizan Fukun, which is only found 3,000 meters high on Mt. Fuji. Meanwhile, Naeka attempts to take care of Fubuki, but spectacularly fails. To prevent Naeka from trying to help some more, Fubuki pretends to be better but that fails.
  • Finally, Kogarashi comes back, and as Fubuki says she feels better by drinking the tea made from the moss, Kogarashi reveals that the moss he used actually just came from behind the house. Fubuki doesn’t feel so good anymore, and Naeka is overjoyed that she can still take care of her…

OK, this was a pretty good episode, especially since we actually saw something new in this one.

Firstly, it was largely centered around Fubuki, and second, while Naeka gaining weight isn’t something new, this is the first time Naeka tries to do something about it – and of course it doesn’t go all that well.

Meanwhile, Maid Guy unveils a good number of new skills this episode and each of them are rather unique. My favorite was him offering to manually shrink Fubuki’s and Naeka’s boobs my using his “Vibrating Claw.”

We also had a lot of Fubuki assaulting and Kogarashi beating, so this was an awesome episode for that. Nothing is better than picking on Fubuki and then getting Kogarashi beaten.

However, one of my main problems with this series – and I kind of expected it – was the lack of a central plot. OK, we have the maids protecting Nakea, but other than Liz we haven’t really had anyone who is actually out to get Naeka yet, and we’re supposedly halfway through already.

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  1. For me, Maid Guy is enough to make up for the lack of a central plot in the series. I mean, what more can you ask for? XD

    I can’t think of much use for a vibrating claw, so I’ll have to say that I liked the levitation better lol

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