Catching up, and late podcast

OK, this week has kind of been crazy, and it doesn’t help that I’m going to be gone and have sporadic access to the internet this weekend.

I should be able to post 4 episode reviews on Saturday or Sunday, since they’re basically done, but I just haven’t posted them yet.  However, my podcast will be late and will probably come out Monday since recording my podcast while I’m away is basically impossible considering the circumstances.

I’ll catch up on all my episode reviews…sometime.  I think I’m still 2 weeks back, but at least I have been posting them about once a week or so still.  I’ll try to catch up next week (though I told myself that this past week as well).

I also hope to start posting more series reviews if I can soon enough.  I haven’t sent my latest Netflix discs back in something like 3 weeks because I’ve never gotten around to watching them, and I have a 2 to 3 week backlog of fansubbed episodes to watch as well, just to show how behind I am.  Some of that I might be able to take care of this weekend, but we’ll see.