Special A – Episode 05

It’s Special A Episode 5. It’s time for the Founding Festival, which the Student Council and the Special A have always worked together to organize. That’s basically asking for trouble.

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  • Hikari and Kei meet with the Student Council so they can work on organizing the festival for the school’s Founding Day. However, while Hikari likes working with the Student Council, Kei hates it and is annoyed by the fact that Hikari likes it.
  • Hikari and the Student Council president decide to have a cotton candy stand, but Kei objects. The president then challenges Kei to a contest to see whether cotton candy really is popular or not.
  • Hikari notices that Kei is grumpy and runs after him and tells him that she’s figured out his feelings and should have noticed earlier. This gets Kei’s hopes up, but Hikari concludes by merely saying that he must dislike her teaming up with the president to challenge him, and that she won’t do that. Of course, this wrong answer leaves Kei deflated.
  • However, he then challenges Hikari that she can work with the “loser dog” President, or anyone else for that matter, but she’ll still lose. This, naturally, gets Hikari going and she accepts his challenge.
  • Akira soon joins Hikari and she, Hikari, and the Student Council soon come up with their plan: a cotton candy tree where they’re selling three different colored balls of cotton candy together.
  • Kei soon shows up, however, and starts selling 10-scoop ice cream cones. Not only that, but he uses a blimp to advertise his stand. As a result, everyone rushes over to his stand.
  • The next day, Hikari catches the president just as he’s about to trash Kei’s stand, but Hikari stops him and quits the student council team. She runs to Kei and asks him if he wants to work on the preparations with her instead of doing it alone, and he says sure. Not only this, but Kei asks the rest of the Special A for help as well.
  • However, the day of the festival comes and Kei has kept most things secret. He has everyone get on a ship and dress in kimonos. Eventually they get to an island where everything is set up like *gasp* a festival! The other members of Special A remark that it seems that Kei organized all of it specifically for Hikari (who loves it)…

Zzzzzz… *snorts* oh, what? Was I watching something? Oh right, Special A.

Um yeah, so more challenges that Kei wins in this episode. More Kei obviously liking Hikari and Hikari being oblivious. More Kei doing over the top things. Yada yada yada, so on and so on.

I’m trying to think if anything of any significance even happened in this episode. It seems like it’s just doing what we’ve already done over again…and we’re only on the 5th episode. I guess Megumi seemed to have more personality this time, but I’m not sure there is much else.

Perhaps the only other thing of note was that Kei tends to work alone, not that inferring that from what we’ve already seen was hard to do.

So yeah, this series seems to be digging itself into a bigger hole with each episode so far.


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