Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 04

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume Episode 4, and Chiko has been with Twenty Faces’ group for a year now and has learned quite a bit. However, has she learned enough to go on her first mission? Ken seems to think so, and Chiko wants to try it.

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  • Chiko has now gotten to the point where she can hit a bulls-eye on a tree several meters away with a knife blindfolded. Oh, and she’s now 12 as she’s been with the group for a year. And she’s learned German.
  • Chiko is about to go shopping and asks Muta if he needs anything. He suddenly tries punching her, but she dodges and kicks him. He acts hurt and she lets her guard down, allowing him to draw his knife and hold it at her neck. He then uses this as a teaching moment to teach Chiko that she should never let her guard down. And he teaches her to aim for a man’s “most sensitive spot.” When she gets back, Chiko continues to train with the other members of Twenty Faces’ group, who think she’s becoming more like Twenty Faces every day.
  • Back in Japan, the detective Chiko’s aunt hired to find her is ripping her off (as expected), while we also find that Chiko’s uncle is on the verge of death due to being poisoned over time by Chiko’s aunt, just as her aunt had done to her.
  • Meanwhile, Twenty Faces’ next mission is to hit a black market auction and to steal “The Lorelei’s Tear,” the world’s largest sapphire which had been the eye of a famous statue, but which had been stolen during the war. There is one problem, however: who can they get to do it, as it will require someone smaller and more agile. Ken then suggests Chiko for the job. Skipper objects, but Chiko says she’ll do it.
  • That night, Chiko infiltrates the hotel, disguised as a young, blond European girl. The group then causes a blackout as she is in an elevator with three guards. When the power goes out, she steals the briefcase that the sapphire is in and escapes through the roof of the elevator.
  • The backup generator kicks in sooner than expected and the elevator starts catching up to Chiko, who is climbing to the roof. It’s about to get to her when an elevator heading down passes by and Chiko jumps on it. She gets off and tries going up an emergency stairwell, but the guards corner her there. She jumps and slams her knees into the face of the guard below her and runs, then stops and tosses the other guard down the stairs using his own momentum.
  • Chiko then tries taking another elevator up, but meets the third guard, who grabs her head, but then gets kicked in the family jewels by Chiko. She makes it to the top floor, but gets cornered. She tries to think of what Twenty Faces would do, then seems to realize something.
  • When the guards chasing her catch her, she has to back to a dead-end hallway. They take the suitcase, but the Sapphire is missing and she tells them it’s leaving in a car by now. A tall bearded man tells the 3 others to go after the car while he takes care of Chiko. When the other agents leave, the last man reveals himself to be Twenty Faces in disguise. Chiko then retrieves the sapphire from a chandelier she hid it in, and the group gets away.

This was a sweet episode as Chiko finally gets her first real action in the series as she’s turning more and more into a cute, yet bad-ass girl. Remind me not to get on her bad side as I don’t want to be flung down stairs, get her knees smashed into my face, or get kneed in my special area.

I also wondered when we wold jump ahead, since I kept thinking Chiko looks about 14 instead of 11 in the credits, and we do in this episode as we jump nearly a year ahead to where Chiko is now 12.

Also, does anyone find Aya Hirano speaking German to be kind of cool? OK, it wasn’t the best German, but it still seemed decent from what I could tell (I took 2 years of German in high school, not that I can speak it anymore).

This series really is progressing nicely (unlike some other series I’m blogging) and every episode just makes me look forward to the next.


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  1. The best was in the staircase as Chiko is remembering Muta’s lesson right before nailing the guy in the balls. No jewels are safe from Chiko!

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