Maid Guy – Episode 05

It’s Maid Guy Episode 5, and Liz’s second ninja maid shows up and decides to try to gather as much information about Naeka as she can. However, Maid Guy is there to foil any attempt, resulting in a battle between Kogarashi and the new ninja maid and lots of manservice. Has Maid Guy met his match?

And remember: When Maid Guy moves, you should try and take it. (does that even make sense?)

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  • Liz’s maid (Shikuzu)’s twin sister Tsurara shows up to serve her (and beats Shikuzu up for being a bad maid). Tsurara then tells Shikuzu to find information about Naeka since “modern warfare is information warfare.”
  • Meanwhile, The chick with the crush (did we ever get her name?) has installed a camera so she can spy on Naeka taking a bath since Naeka apparently doesn’t feel the need to have blinds on the bathroom windows.
  • However, Maid Guy hacks into her computer and uses “Maid Guy Voice” against her, which causes the victim to not be able to move – or even blink – for half an hour. He then redirects her video feed to one of the fish store guy taking a bath, horrifying her (and the audience as well).
  • Fubuki asks if everything has been taken care of, and Maid Guy reports that it has. He then asks what to do with the “original data” and so they stick it in the DVD player. However, it turns out being Fubuki trying on Naeka’s uniform and remarking how it doesn’t fit, causing her to ponder if Naeka has gained weight. In reaction, Fubuki pummels Kogarashi with her nail ridden bat again.
  • Shikuzu returns to Liz’s apartment with the information from all the cameras which they planted around the house. However, they also get the video of fish man. However, Maid Guy Voice doesn’t work on Tsurara (though it does on Shikuzu).
  • The next day, the men’s kendo club members plan to sneak into the girl’s locker room after having obtained a key to Naeka’s locker, but stalker chick steals the key and tries to check out Naeka’s locker herself. However, Maid Guy is there and uses Maid Guy Voice to freeze her, checks her underwear, then places it back on her head. The men’s kendo club members soon show up at the locker room themselves and spot stalker chick frozen there. However, they too try to snoop into Naeka’s locker, with the same results.
  • Tsurara tries to infiltrate the kendo club by pretending to be in high school, but Naeka just asks her what her zodiac sign is, which stumps Tsurara, so Naeka closes the door on her.
  • Meanwhile, Shikuzu tries to spy on Naeka’s locker and gets zapped by Maid Guy Voice, but then Tsurara arrives and starts battling Kogarashi. Tsurara first tries to blind Kogarashi with a bright light, causes him to go deaf with some bomb explosions, and cause him to go numb by throwing paralyzing bombs at him, but it still doesn’t stop him as he captures Tsurara using his “hair sensors.”
  • Stalker girl wakes up and checks out what’s going on, but Shikuzu throws her at Kogarashi to distract him while she she cuts Tsurara out of his hair trap.

OK, this episode was kind of crazy. Apparently Maid Guy has 37 senses, so you have to do more than knock out his vision and hearing to beat him. And of course, we saw two more of his weapons in his hair sensor and Maid Guy Voice.

While this show looked pretty decent, I’m afraid that it is starting to settle into a rut. While having episodes where people are jealous of Naeka’s boobs can be funny for a while, it gets old pretty fast too without something new. Maybe the new ninja maid will be that “something new” for the time being.

Also, the countdown at the end reminds me greatly of Mahoromatic, and just like that series, it seems to be counting down too slowly to reach 0 by the end of 13 episodes. Does that mean Maid Guy 2 is going to be on it’s way?